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Gertrude was pleasantly surprised to learn it was a pop up book.
Gertrude was pleasantly surprised to learn it was a pop up book. photo | portfolio
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''I don't know what all the fuss is about. We get hit and bruised every day at Bedford Care Home.''

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I want to and kind of don't want to give you a vote. My dad got severe bed sores while at a nursing home and ended up dying from it. Not to be taken lightly.


Bernard Manning once said:- for a joke to be funny it has to have an element of truth. Every joke will not be funny to someone, comedy often highlights somethings that everyone knows about but don’t speak about. Willie no disrespect to you or your poor Dad but I have to vote for this caption because of the truthful link between the two subjects.


Thanks Neil, none taken. I thought the joke was funny so I voted for it as well. But for me it's sad at the same time, so I felt I had to say something. It's fine to make jokes, but we shouldn't forget there's some real suffering behind it.


I guess for folk that have experienced something on a first hand basis it may have more gravitas and when joking about it, it may come across as trivialising the subject matter. However that's not always so as humour can also be a way for people to deal with things. Sometimes it's a matter of reinforcing a sense of normality into something unexpectedly tragic or unfamiliar or even to overcome tragedy. At least with humour like this, it engages with the subject matter and acknowledges it's existence by giving it air time. It also provokes further discussion when people then decide whether it's acceptable to joke about it or not.


Makes me think of Blackadder Goes Forth, which I believe was popular with veterans of both world wars.


I've never been to a funeral where no-one laughs.
Sorry but we need to laugh even at the saddest of times.


Blackadder Goes Forth is a great example, Karyn. One of the cast members had a relative that had served in WWI and was disgusted when he heard that they were trying to make fun of the Great War, until he watched it...


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