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What are finder points?

Finder points are awarded to people that are first to identify great captions. They reward people for voting quickly and identifying the best captions.

Can I get finder points by being the first voter on every caption?

Finder points are negative if you're the first voter on captions that don't get many votes. So, vote wisely!

What are the rewards for good finders?

When you earn Finder points you'll be able to place Super votes, which count for more than regular votes.

Where are finders points shown?

Finders points are listed on the Captioneers page

How are finder points calculated?

Finder points are calculated every week.

Firstly, the average score per voted caption is calculated (this is usually around 3 votes).

Then, for each caption, the first voter is identified (the "finder"). When voting has finished on the caption, the "finder" gets score which is positive if the caption gets an above-average score and negative if below-average. This is called the "quality score."

Finders points are calculated for a captioneer by multiplying their average "quality score" by the number of first votes they've given.

i only vote for captions i like and i like to look back at past ones, no one else will vote for a past one after me. so how will that affect voting?

Your vote will promote the caption above all the zero-vote captions, which makes it more likely to be seen and voted by others.

But hopefully there won't be so many good captions at the bottom of the list, since finder points encourage people to vote up good captions quickly.

Would we be deducted actual quota points for a negative find? A lot of captions get only 1 or 2 votes so wouldn't a lot of people end up in the negative zone?

Your caption quota isn't affected by finders points.

How many times can I vote per week or per caption?

You can only vote once per caption, but you can vote on as many captions as you like.

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