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How do quotas work? Do they increase or decrease with time or votes at all?

Quotas for new captioneers start at 10 and increase the following week based on scoring. They are also boosted by being a generous voter.

quota = 10 + weekly bonus + three-month bonus + voting bonus

weekly bonus = ( votes last week / number of captions last week ) x 5
three month bonus = ( votes in the last three months / number of captions submitted in last three months ) x 15
voting bonus = 11 - position in top ten voters last week (i.e. +10 for the #1 voter, +9 for the #2 voter and so on)

So, if someone added 10 captions and scored 10, their quota the following week would be 30:

10 + ( 10 / 10 ) * 5 + ( 10 / 10 ) * 15 = 30

If, over three months, they had added 100 captions and scored 100 votes, but didn't play last week their quota would be 25
10 + ( 0 / 0 ) * 5 + ( 100 / 100 ) * 15 = 25

If they had also made #3 in the top voters list last week, their quota would be 33
10 + ( 0 / 0 ) * 5 + ( 100 / 100 ) * 15 + ( 11 - 3 ) = 33

I deleted a caption. Why has my quota not increased?

Quotas don't increase when captions are deleted. If they did, captioneers could delete and re-list captions in order to push them to the top of the Captions page

What are quotas?

Your quota is the number of captions you can add this week. It varies each week depending on the quality of your captions and contribution to voting

Some weeks I do really well and the next week have a large quota. I don't always use the quota, can it be carried over?

Quota calculation factors in three-month performance, meaning quotas don't fluctuate wildly week-to-week.

Are quotas capped?

The maximum quota is:

10 + 5 * number of captions added in the last three months

What time does the fresh quota roll over? It's now Sunday, when it says I get my refresh.. but nothing... AND I'm itching with a great caption for new photo! So.. this is pretty much crisis mode. / Ok, rollover is 1 hour after London time midnight.

Looks like you’ve answered your own question, thanks. I’ll check to ensure things happen at midnight London time, as they should (although it could be in this case you didn’t take into account that London enters a different time zone during the summer - BST?)

How come i only have 15 captions? ive been a member for nearly 8 years,surely there's some bonus i can claim? Im sure this is why i stopped on , long term returners should be giving a return bonus,im down to 8 captions its not fun anymore.

Your quota will quickly rise again as you write good captions. Please hang in there!

Does getting points/votes on comments help increase your caption quota.

No, there’s no relationship between comment votes and caption quota.

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