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What are super votes?

Normally, captioneers can only vote once per caption, increasing the caption's score by +1.

Super votes allow a captioneer to increase the score of a caption by more than one, and tag it (e.g. 'lol', 'creative') to show why the super vote was given.

Super votes are rationed in order that they're only used on the very best captions

How do we use the super vote option?

Browse to a photo page or the Captions page. If you have super vote quota available you'll see a button "*-vote" at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Click this button, and a list of tags will be displayed (e.g. 'LOL', 'clever'). Click a tag, then click the caption you wish to super vote on.

If you haven't already voted on the caption, a regular vote will be applied in addition to your supervote.

Within a minute of placing the super vote, you can retract it by clicking on tag e.g. 'LOL' on the caption

Are super vote quotas carried over each week

Yes, any super vote quota you haven't used will carry over into next week

How is my super vote quota calculated?

Super vote quotas are increased every week (on Sunday) by taking your finder point score for the week and dividing by ten.

Have you considered an 'original' button for unique captions?

Good suggestion, but perhaps quite close in meaning to "creative" and "clever"?

Can I donate super votes to a fellow captioneer?

Click on a captioneer to view their profile page, where you will find the "donate" link next to their super vote quota. Donations are automatically announced in the forum

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