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I tried voting for this before it was edited but it keeps knocking me back. I think I've got to wait for someone else to vote for it before I'm allowed to, even though the last time I voted was a few hours ago.

Although presently it allows me to vote for ones that have already got votes 🤔

I might vote for this later on after someone else has voted for it! 😉

Luckily someone has voted for this caption so I am permitted to but I am still not allowed to vote with anything that has no votes this morning even twelve hours later 😂


Thanks, Glyn, appreciated. Comment vote pending wink

(caption author)

I wanted to give you a heads up but I can't keep doing this every time it's happening.

It's still doing it, but mainly for anything that hasn't already received any votes.

My voting strategy is then going to be based on whether anyone has voted for something first so I'm going to have to wait until everyone else votes

It appears I can't vote for anything that has no it tells me to take a breather even if I wait five minutes to try again 🤔😂


Glyn, this problem has been discussed in the Forum at


Molly thank you for the heads up, and in time too for the consensus vote which closes in the next few hours, so anybody else still wanting to vote I'd recommend you get a move on! 😅 Yes, and I should have checked the forum when something new happens!

I realise I'm probably being rated because of a negative find quality.

That's probably because I do all my voting afterwards so I don't know if there's anyone to then add on to the vote after me. However I'm not going to avoid a caption I like simply because everyone may have done so or even missed it


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