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"I suppose we could climb over it."

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This is a true story: Years ago I regularly ran with a group of about 10-15, mostly guys, starting at and ending a running shoe store. On one run we came to a 8-10 foot high fence with a gate and padlocks on the gate. One by one the guys climbed over the gate while I waited and tried to see if there was another way. Then, just as the last one was climbing over, I saw that the locks weren't actually locked, but made to look like they were locked. After the last one had climbed over, I opened the lock, opened the gate, and walked through.


Willie, that story's a bit like the great punchline to a parkour chase in one of the Johnny English movies


I don't know who Johnny English is Glyn, but it sounds like a nice compliment so I gave it a vote. Mind you, this was well over thirty years ago. It brings to mind another story about how one of our runs was named.
One of our Thursday runs involved running around the side of a steep hill and running to the top from the back side. This hill was so steep and long, that nobody could make it all the way up without walking at least part of it. Nobody except for two of us - one of the salespeople from the running shoe store, and me. On one of these runs, we both made it to the top way before anyone else, and knew we'd have to wait. I looked at the other guy and said why don't we do it again? He said ok, and so we started back to run around and up the hill again. We ran into another one of our runners who was late and who decided to skip the steep part and meet everyone by running up the front side which was much less steep.
We told him we were going to run it again and asked if he'd like to come with us. He said "Are you guys on glue?" From then on, this particular run was known as the "glue loop".


Willie, Johnny English is a parody of James Bond etc with Rowan Atkinson in the title role. The films are alright but also a bit naff but that one punchline is the one I remember the most from the series.


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