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Why don't you try essence of fermented barley and hops in water. For a change.


Great caption: You dropped us into a story.

Please continue: I want to know more about this poor fellow...


"Well, I roamed away from my family one day, when all of a sudden this guy drives up, opens the door and says he's got bananas in the car. Next thing I know they're keeping me prisoner and feeding me something with Rogaine in it. Except it wasn't Rogaine, they said it was something better. Only thing is it might have side effects such as hyperactivity. I couldn't sleep for weeks. They finally dropped me off in the street and I dragged myself in here.
Have you got any change for the fruit machine? I need to get up my strength so I can make it to Starbucks for a triple espresso. Either that or a dose of speed or coke. Nice to meet you Greg, I don't know what my name is."


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