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Can I have some mice in it?
Can I have some mice in it? photo | portfolio
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"Good evening Tom, how are you?"
"Oh, don't get me started, I woke up this morning and they were already in a mood, something to do with the sofa being ripped to shreds. Then they ran out of Gourmet Mon Petit, so I had to have Lidl own brand food, then they went to work and turned the TV off, so I've been bored all day. They don't even check the litter tray until Saturday, so I have to do gymnastics to avoid my own poo, it must be nice to have a flushing toilet. Oh, and the dog has terrible wind at the moment. Same again please"

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Can't stop laughing at this!


Cheers Karyn. Glad it gave you a chuckle! I'm sure this is what my cat actually thinks!

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