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A-ha, I see Dave's true motives behind the nicely addressed letter above, dressed up in love - that old chestnut. Is this what the letter really says? 🤔

Dear Aunt Whilnelia (kudos on the name btw. Awesome!)

This ornate boot remover you got me must have cost a fair whack so that means you've probably got a fair bit in the bank so I'd like to know how much you're going to give me in my inheritance. I need money fast so I can't really wait for you to pop your clogs so what we'll need to do is figure out an arrangement where you can make monthly installments into my bank account. If you don't comply in paying up, for future reference know this, I have friends. They're desperate people and they're also fickle enough to do my bidding and follow my every instruction.

Please get in contact and show me a sign of your love and that you care by contributing to my future survival

Your money loving nephew



It really is heart warming, certainly brought a tear to my eye. Dave just wants to know that there's someone out there that cares for him even if he has to lovingly take care of a family member himself especially if it's their finances. You can't beat a bit of love, can you? 🥰 Love for yourself, love for people who you see as an extension of yourself even though they're not technically you, it's all so selfless, I love it.


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