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I feel daft because I don't get this caption and I want to take my dunce cap off because I'm supposed to be going ballroom dancing with Stone face at 10.30pm.
Thank you in advance..


Wouldn't want you to miss that Karen.

Kiwifruit is a type of fruit grown in NZ, otherwise known as Chinese gooseberries, or to Americans as kiwis (which is kind of disturbing as kiwis are the national bird of New Zealand, and they aren't eaten, or New Zealanders themselves, the majority of whom aren't fruits). Anyway, this pear looks a lot like a kiwi, the bird, not the average kiwi, a person, although I remember Ron Jeremy once saying that kiwi women are pear shaped ... but I'm digressing.

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😂😂😂 I've since looked at a Kiwi bird on Images and now it all makes sense and it's a brilliant caption. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw what the Kiwi bird looked like. I am going to lol this caption because it's funny and clever. (Still feel like a duh brain though hehe.) Thank you for your reply. I will definitely try and up my knowledge on the subject. I've never really had an interest in birds but my sister Malcolm has. Well, I'm off to buy a pair of bino's, look up a tree, everything blurred, take them back and start a new life in Milton Keynes. (Yes, after reading this nonsense, you'll now think I'm half sharp, but so are all of you!! And why not... xxxxxxx


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