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"Im afraid the mammogram machines broken down Mrs Brown, so Im just going to grab your tits and have a good ol squeeze."
"Im afraid the mammogram machines broken down Mrs Brown, so Im just going to grab your tits and have a good ol squeeze." photo | portfolio
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Annoyingly one of the most captionable photos ever came in the wee hours of my morning (play a tiny violin for me, I generally can only do 2/3 of the captions) and I was left with a plastic ball on a tee-towel this morning, which inspired a wonderful discussion but was as captionable as shit on a pile of shit ... which actually would have been more captionable ... Anyway, although the leading caption on this photo is great, and should rightfully claim caption of the month, this one is also special, so a supervote here rather than there as I'm running low.


Same here James (I can usually do 1/3 or 2/3 unless I want to suffer from lack of sleep) except that this time I simply came late (no violins for me). Both captions are very good.


Yeah, you're in California eh Willy, so what'll that be, 12am, 4am, 12pm? That's even worse than me, I get 9am, 9pm, and 1am, so at least 2 are OK. I'll play a tiny violin for you mate.


Yes, thank you James, although I'm retired so can often do the two and on occasion have even done all three.


Where are you in California Willie? I spent 6 weeks there are few months ago for family reasons - extended due to losing return flight with Thomas Cook. The midnight caption was ok, but the 4am one was a killer - tried setting an alarm for 03.45 and 03.55 but that snooze button was soooo tempting - still, I usually needed to pee when the alarm went off. Boy do I miss that sunshine! Even worse, I now wake up with a bursting bladder - sign of impending old age I guess...


You set an alarm at 3.45am to caption? F*ck me, that's dedication


Wolfie, 10 years of night shifts probably helped :)


I had a teacher who used to set his alarm for 3am so he could get up and have a ciggy...


Sorry, I just now noticed your comment Stephen. I live in Los Angeles in the northern part, San Fernando Valley (Granada Hills). Where did you stay when you were here? I've done such things as staying up past 4 am doing the midnight and 4 am captions and then sleeping until about noon, but mostly I end up missing the 4 am one and occasionally both midnight and 4 am. (although lately I'm getting to sleep before midnight and getting up shortly after 4 am.).
And James, I WAS a teacher who got up as early as 3:30 am. so I could get everything prepared for the day. I found that if I tried to do too much in the evening, I was too tired to do anything efficiently. It didn't help that one year I had four preps (teaching four different subjects - we're only supposed to have a maximum of three), biology, integrated coordinated science, health and coaching (cross country in the fall and track in the spring). I don't miss those days, at least not that part - the part about getting up early.


Hi Willie, I flew to San Francisco on 19th Sept for my uncle's funeral and cousin's wedding and came back around 30th Oct. Discovered I have an incredible extended family and looking forward to going back. Spent over a week just going through family photos and documents going back over 100 years - found out my Great Grandfather used to like dressing up the family dog in football outfits, fought in WW1 and was an air-raid warden in WW2. Made the mistake one day of sight-seeing by bicycle at speed for most of the day and catching what felt like coronavirus for almost 2 weeks - read 5 books written by a friend of the family while recovering though. Getting up at 3.30 am to prepare four subjects sounds daunting - all that hard work must have benefited so many youngsters though.


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