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I wish I'd had a 'LOL' for this, one of the best captions in ages- nice one, Lucky!


@ Michael. - Thank you. I thought it was quite average. It never ceases to amaze me how the captions I think are killers can get few votes and the ones I think are mediocre can be very popular (an eye opener) Happy new year.


It's always the way- the ones that I think are really good never get more than a single vote (if any), and some of the captions that I knock off sometimes come top. I wish I knew what the formula was for writing captions that get votes- in the case of the caption above, it was taking a tried-and-tested idea (duracell bunny) and putting it in the voice of a gentleman explorer like Scott. Average to you maybe, but original to all of those people, who, like myself, had never considered such a possibility :)


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