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now click a caption or

faq > writing captions

How can you add the symbol of music notes to show that your quote comes from a song?

Please copy and paste from this: 🎵

If you are not happy with your own caption, can you change it completely?

Absolutely - this is encouraged.

Someone has duplicated my caption! What can I do about it?

Leave a comment on the duplicate caption politely pointing this out, including the time of your original caption. The author will be emailed your comment and others will see it on the site.

When someone leaves a comment on how to improve a caption ,should the captioneer alter it or is this wrong? Would it be classed as getting help from someone else?

I'm sure most captioneers would agree that if a good suggestion is given, then it's always positive to follow the advice and change the caption. I don't think anyone would consider this cheating.

What happens if two captioneers enter the same captions at the same time?

Good question. If it's totally instantaneous then all we can do is leaving the voting to random chance, right? But generally there will be a tiny gap between them. I'm currently working on a duplicate detector which will alert the author if they're submitting a duplicate (or similar) caption.

There used to be a duplicate detector, but then it went away? Oh well.

More information on this change here

Where do I write my Caption? (I am a newby) :)

Sign up, log in, then click on a photo. A box will appear next to the image where you can type your caption. When you've finished writing, click "Add Caption"

How often can you re edit your own caption?

You can edit your caption any number of times

On the fist after my captions there is no square round it. All the other captions have. Why?

Voting on your own captions is disabled, which is shown by the thumbs icon being flat rather than button shape.

Why do my new captions keep dissapearing & then re appearing later.For example my caption Adigas is on the individual photo caption list but not on the caption list

The "Captions" list is ordered by both time and score, so you may find that a caption slips off the front page of this list as it gets older, but then reappears because it has been upvoted.

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