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What do the stars indicate?

Stars indicate a captioneer's total score (since they joined):

  • grey star: 10+ votes
  • silver star: 50+ votes
  • gold star: 100+ votes
  • 2 gold stars: 1000+ votes
  • 3 gold stars: 10000+ votes

Why is noone's score changing when I vote?

In order to discourage tactical voting, score updates are delayed. The vote should register within the hour.

Can I vote for the same caption more than once?

No - only one vote per caption is allowed per user.

Can I retract a vote?

To retract a vote, click the thumb icon again. Votes can only be retracted up to one minute after being placed.

Can I see the votes given to my own captions?

Yes - if you hover over the voting buttons you'll see a list of those who've voted for your caption

How can anyone compete with a caption quota mostly half as much if not less so than the CONSTANT top winners - they just bombard the site with captions & so of course they are always going to be at the top.

It's actually the quality of captions rather than the quantity that dictates the quota each week. So unless all the captions are good, adding more captions to the site will actually reduce your quota.

Am I correct to assume that the caption that receives the most votes is the winner?

If you mean the cash prize - no - this is decided by the creator of the site (Chris Beach) each month. Voting helps highlight the best captions, but in order to discourage people cheating, votes are not used to decide the prize.

How long is he voting period for after a caption has been made

Captions can be voted on for three days after they've been written

If I delete a caption I don't particularly like which has votes will it affect my overall score?

No, you'll keep the votes you won from that caption

If 2 or more captioneers have the same score for a picture at the end of the voting period, how is the winning caption decided?

The newer of the two captions will be the winner (it accumulated more votes per time period)

How are prizes paid

Prizes were paid via PayPal using the winner's email address

Week before last I was no where near in the top ten at the end of voting & my quota increased to 33 - this week I finished in the top ten & my quota has dropped to 28! - Why as I thought that climbing the ladder is supposed to increase quotas

Quotas are affected by more than just the last week's votes. They're affected by your score over a longer period, and also your voting too.

What constitutes finder points & what reward is there for getting them

See the finder points FAQ

What does the number in the orange circle stand for?

The circles show the number of new updates since your last visit to the site. These are also live updating: whilst you are browsing a page, if any updates occur, the circle will turn yellow.

For visitors who aren't logged in, the circles show the number of updates in the last 24 hours.

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