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Blimey! All I caught was a rubber duck!
Blimey! All I caught was a rubber duck! photo | portfolio
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Al Overy Vote score: 11697Al Overy

Blimey! All I caught was a rubber duck!

07/01/22 8:00:09

The Wolf Vote score: 16170The Wolf

His proposal to Julie didn't go as planned that night after Bill found a better use for the engagement ring.

07/01/22 8:35:27

Mr Dome  Vote score: 13808Mr Dome

Dave was celebrating his Guinness Book of Records entry for the world's longest left shoulder

07/01/22 10:52:57

Al Overy Vote score: 11697Al Overy

Stoneface, meet Mittens; Mittens... Oh...

07/01/22 8:00:47

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

As they say in cardiac surgery, 'cold hands, shawarma heart'.

07/01/22 9:51:05

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 17570Vanessa the Guesser

"Hmmmm, I'm gonna lick you and cover you in sauce"

Bill's wife was glad to have a day off.

07/01/22 8:19:04

C CaMel Vote score: 8768C CaMel

“Excuse me waiter, my kebab is now horizontal.”
‘Please make your way to the lifeboats.’

07/01/22 8:15:23

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 9657Hercules Rockefeller

Shish happens

07/01/22 8:05:07

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4627Mark Wilson

"Stunningly beautiful, searching for you all my life. These are words a girl dreams to hear on a first date Dave"

"Oh sorry, forgot you were still here Sandra"

07/01/22 8:52:23

Ian Skelding Vote score: 28244Ian Skelding

“It needs taking off, taken apart and starting again.”
“Yeah, he said he was giving his jumper back to his Nan.”

07/01/22 8:08:40

Molly R Vote score: 3497Molly R

Bet you can't eat three.

07/01/22 8:01:50

Al Overy Vote score: 11697Al Overy

It was round three of the Arbitrary Restaurant eating contest and the steaks were getting higher...

07/01/22 8:00:31

Stephen Bean Vote score: 23076Stephen Bean

"I think I'll try Veganuary next year."

07/01/22 8:00:12

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