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Ground-Snog Day
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Chelsea Pearson Vote score: 155Chelsea Pearson

Ground-Snog Day

24/06/11 12:40:28

Len   Vote score: 711Len


24/06/11 10:00:09

Ron  Allan Vote score: 5462Ron Allan

It was a funny day in Rodney's garden.
Despite his Peat being a Dud, his Laurel's were still quite Hardy..though a little on the large side. After a quick grumble about his weeds and Carrot Top's and worrying about his Tati's..tragedy was near. With a Zig & Zag he fell and landed on his lighter after Ants weakened his Decking. A passing Chaplin quickly Carrey'd him across Graham's Garden, down Chevy Chase and up Harry Hill where they got a lift to the hospital in a Huge Laurie. Dr Bob gave little Hope and later blamed the lighter. Cause of death...Zippo Marks.

Later that day, neighbour Vic laid some Reeves next to a new sign warning people off of Rodney's Dangerfield.

A fond farewell to all fellow captioneers...have the need to call it a day. Many thanks for all the points given over the years, and I hope to see the site rocket will now I've
Many thanks again..Ron.

01/08/11 12:24:16

Joe T Vote score: 3133Joe T

Tastes like dog poo and smells like dog poo. Lucky I didn't step in it.

24/06/11 10:07:48

Rob Falconer Vote score: 3359Rob Falconer

Incapability Brown

24/06/11 10:02:09

Davie Marshall Vote score: 712Davie Marshall

"Coming up next on ITV, Gardening For Paraplegics."

24/06/11 14:24:57

Len   Vote score: 711Len

Margaret had broken the first rule of parachute jumping - wear a parachute.

24/06/11 10:13:05

Joe T Vote score: 3133Joe T

Take a left when you come to the fork in the row.

24/06/11 10:09:19

Ron  Allan Vote score: 5462Ron Allan

Landscrape Gardener

24/06/11 10:00:32

Len   Vote score: 711Len

Devoted fan pays homage to Ronnie Barker's simply marked grave

24/06/11 10:06:38

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