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James Lennox Vote score: 16325James Lennox

"I thought after 80 years he'd have forgiven me for eating his porridge!"

29/09/23 7:05:07, edited: 29/09/23 7:12:23

Al Overy Vote score: 17722Al Overy

Gran and bear it.

29/09/23 7:04:42

The Wolf Vote score: 21482The Wolf

"..and it was my Sister, Margaret who convinced me to marry him in the end. He's been dead ten years now, bless him. He got on my bloody nerves for fifty years but I sure do miss him. I remember when we first met, good looking young soldier he was, very handsome, and of course we ended up having three children. Toby is a lawyer now you know. I always knew he was the smart one, then Susy moved to Spain after she met Manuel, and then.."

"Sheriff, cancel the tranquiliser. The bear is asleep."

29/09/23 7:42:42

Phil Swan Vote score: 2581Phil Swan

"keep running there's an American XL bully dog chasing us"

29/09/23 7:08:23

C CaMel Vote score: 12668C CaMel

‘Dignitas are proud to announce, The Attenborough Package.’

29/09/23 7:53:45

The Wolf Vote score: 21482The Wolf

"PLEASE...HELP. This poor bear just stubbed his toe on the kerb."

29/09/23 7:34:23

The Wolf Vote score: 21482The Wolf

"Thanks for leaving me everything in your will, Granny. When that terribly sad day comes I'll use some of the money to buy a new car because as you can see, the passenger door won't open on this one."

29/09/23 7:30:38

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38507Tony Edwards

Nans on the Run

29/09/23 9:39:14

Ian Goodyear Ian Goodyear

Ex page three girl exposes her bear behind in new photo shoot

29/09/23 8:25:57

The Wolf Vote score: 21482The Wolf

One quick swing of a handbag full of Mint Humbugs was all it took to floor Koda. My Nana is lovely but don't fuck with her when she's on her way to Bingo.

29/09/23 7:20:57

John Harrison Vote score: 5167John Harrison

Complaints to OFCOM as first episode of 'Gran Against Bear' airs on Channel 5.

29/09/23 7:15:40

C CaMel Vote score: 12668C CaMel

“Yes they shit in the woods, and in Aldi and sometimes at church.”

29/09/23 7:10:59

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12527Hercules Rockefeller

"Excuse me, madam, could you kindly point me in the general direction of some picanic baskets?"

29/09/23 7:02:20, edited: 29/09/23 7:02:47

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