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Brian Butterfield Vote score: 877Brian Butterfield

"The good news is we haven't replaced your job with extremely complex and sophisticated AI robotics"
"And the bad news?"

17/11/23 20:14:43

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35099Stephen Bean

Pallet of the Apes

17/11/23 20:01:09, edited: 17/11/23 20:01:51

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29661Dave Bryan

''We can't have apes taking over our jobs. I'm going to see the foreman about this.''

''He is the foreman.''

17/11/23 20:02:00, edited: 17/11/23 20:11:04

Ben Samuel Vote score: 1874Ben Samuel

“Shouldn’t you have retired by now mate?”

“Nah, I’m still in my primate”

17/11/23 20:22:05

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 9726Scrijjy Doo

Who better to work in the Amazon?

17/11/23 20:01:47

James Lennox Vote score: 16257James Lennox

"Well, it was either give her the job or another lawsuit for work place discrimination."

17/11/23 20:29:23

Julia Kinsey Vote score: 2171Julia Kinsey

🎵 Working 9 to Fyffes, it’s no way to make a living… 🎵

17/11/23 20:13:04

KT A Vote score: 6370KT A

Monkey Business

17/11/23 20:52:16

The Wolf Vote score: 21390The Wolf

"The new agency worker is driving me bananas."

17/11/23 20:09:26

alexandra ball Vote score: 2430alexandra ball

You pay peanuts you get monkeys!

17/11/23 20:01:30

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35099Stephen Bean

"Why would a baboon want to work in a factory?"

"They make windscreen wipers and wing mirrors."

17/11/23 20:06:53

Kathleen Ralph Vote score: 199Kathleen Ralph

"Banana Republic's," Best Employee... Bubbles Works all the 'Swing' Shifts.

19/11/23 0:49:15, edited: 19/11/23 15:56:57

John Harrison Vote score: 5095John Harrison

"Now where's the tea aisle?"

17/11/23 20:01:21

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