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James Lennox Vote score: 16286James Lennox

And I thought my wife cost a fortune to shoe.

15/11/23 20:24:38

Al Overy Vote score: 17708Al Overy

"Don't eat it, Snow!"

Following on from her previous misfortunes, Snow White was accompanied by at least three undercover dwarves wherever she went.

15/11/23 20:34:43, edited: 15/11/23 21:49:43

Preferred it without the second sentence, personally. --Vivvy En
Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 9751Scrijjy Doo

What happens in Glasgow, stays in Glasgow.

15/11/23 20:03:45

Karen McDonald Vote score: 2532Karen McDonald

"Stop running around with no shoes on Gladys, that's four pairs of tights you've ruined on the trot."

15/11/23 21:53:59, edited: 15/11/23 22:01:22

C CaMel Vote score: 12609C CaMel

“When I said leggy brunette…”

15/11/23 20:59:27

Peter Houle Vote score: 874Peter Houle

A Horse With No Mane

15/11/23 23:23:31

Paul Gledhill Vote score: 1732Paul Gledhill

"Er, it's me at the back. Can someone tell me which pantomime we are in."

15/11/23 21:40:51

C CaMel Vote score: 12609C CaMel

“Two tickets for Jason and the Argonauts please.”

15/11/23 21:17:44

Ben Samuel Vote score: 1875Ben Samuel

“How big is your horse?”

“8 foot”

15/11/23 20:15:05

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38473Tony Edwards

"Does my bum look big in this?"

15/11/23 21:00:17

Brian Butterfield Vote score: 879Brian Butterfield

What has 8 legs, hides under a sheet and gets me disgusted looks when I touch it?

15/11/23 20:50:09

Chris Halliwell Vote score: 5842Chris Halliwell

Dobbin for Apples.

15/11/23 20:21:07

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35133Stephen Bean

Muff-in the Mule

15/11/23 20:17:43

John Harrison Vote score: 5120John Harrison

And so it came to pass that the term 'rug muncher' was born.

15/11/23 20:09:08

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 9751Scrijjy Doo

Edna has a little surprise for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

15/11/23 20:07:02

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35133Stephen Bean

Back Beauties

15/11/23 20:06:10

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