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C CaMel Vote score: 12686C CaMel

Global warming blamed for cancellation of Disney on Ice.

21/08/23 12:00:24

Everyone knows that Global Warming will happen one day because Mickey will loose control of those bucket carrying brooms again. However it won't be a flooded castle basement this time. --Glyn Evans
Joe Vote score: 1980Joe

This is just what I needed - a Minnie break!

21/08/23 18:20:23

C CaMel Vote score: 12686C CaMel

Day 459, I have stopped hallucinating and a rescue ship is on the horizon.

21/08/23 13:20:24

Ben Samuel Vote score: 1886Ben Samuel

The Steamboat Willie remake looks a bit naff

21/08/23 11:33:18

Peter Houle Vote score: 876Peter Houle

Miami Mice

21/08/23 17:24:20

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35235Stephen Bean

"How did you survive for 3 months without food and water Mickey? And what happened to Minnie?"

21/08/23 11:06:21

C CaMel Vote score: 12686C CaMel

“Never get your husband to pack the survival essentials.”

21/08/23 13:41:52

Ian Skelding Vote score: 32007Ian Skelding


21/08/23 11:27:48

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35235Stephen Bean

The Mouse That Rowed

21/08/23 11:01:12

Mark England Vote score: 21694Mark England

A new ploy by Asylum seekers, is that by dressing up as Disney characters, it will increase their chances of getting into Britain. What a Goofy idea.

21/08/23 11:09:48, edited: 21/08/23 11:54:57

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38515Tony Edwards


21/08/23 11:57:40

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29759Dave Bryan

French Border Force brings in more surveillance vessels to combat Channel migrant crossings.

21/08/23 11:17:12, edited: 21/08/23 15:33:25

John Harrison Vote score: 5178John Harrison

"Fifty quid to hire a blow up dinghy?!"

"Yeah, I reckon he's taking the Mickey."

21/08/23 11:11:15

C CaMel Vote score: 12686C CaMel

“Oh buoy!”

21/08/23 11:09:50

C CaMel Vote score: 12686C CaMel

“We can see your trainers Dad, this isn’t a Disney Cruise is it?”

21/08/23 11:02:47

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