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Al Overy Vote score: 17692Al Overy

"C'mon little Mustang! We've brought you to a nice grassy field."

"He just doesn't seem hungry, Sharon."

10/11/23 20:08:51

Phil Swan Vote score: 2535Phil Swan

"Do you think I need to call the AA"
"Perhaps I do need to sober up first"

10/11/23 20:04:22

Phil Swan Vote score: 2535Phil Swan

"What do you think?"
"I think it's called an engine"

10/11/23 20:01:04

Greg Curtis Vote score: 8889Greg Curtis

"Can you jump me?' "Let's take care of the car first."

10/11/23 21:56:40

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14779Neil Mackenzie

I’m going to have to bleed the brakes.
Oh is that why they have pads?

11/11/23 8:46:52

Willie Johnson Vote score: 4275Willie Johnson

"Need a tow?"
"No thanks, I've already got six. And that's just on my left foot."

11/11/23 2:19:26

The Wolf Vote score: 21387The Wolf

Car booty.

10/11/23 20:44:41

Glyn Evans Vote score: 11630Glyn Evans

"You did a good job, that should explode when he switches the engine on. That'll teach him to make fun of women drivers"

10/11/23 20:04:54

I'm surprised he made it out in one piece. --Karen McDonald
Ian Skelding Vote score: 32002Ian Skelding

“Do you think we should grease the nipples?”
“Hmm, sounds lovely but I think we should sort the car out first.”

10/11/23 20:29:31

Phil Swan Vote score: 2535Phil Swan

"I think we might need to try and turn it on"
"You mean my long legs,shorts and loose top are not enough"

10/11/23 20:14:02, edited: 11/11/23 6:08:10, suggested edits

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 9145Karyn Harrison

Two firecrackers and an old banger

10/11/23 20:40:07

KT A Vote score: 6370KT A

"This car is making strange noises."

"Maybe it's just trying to communicate in car language.'Honk if you need an oil change!'"

10/11/23 20:36:53, edited: 10/11/23 20:43:24

John  Glover Vote score: 23206John Glover

"I love driving, but the cost of petrol now, makes it so expensive."
"It doesn't bother me darling, do what I do, just put in ten pounds worth at a time."

10/11/23 20:33:55

Dot Old Vote score: 2344Dot Old

"This isn't what I meant when I said I wanted a hot rod."

10/11/23 20:21:23

Dot Old Vote score: 2344Dot Old

Pan's People carrier

10/11/23 20:18:14

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 7950Crunchy Chords

"I know we're just meant to stand here and look pretty, but I can't ignore a rattling timing chain tensioner."

10/11/23 20:16:28

The Wolf Vote score: 21387The Wolf

"Need a tug?"

"Yeah, but I'll help you two ladies get the car started first."

10/11/23 20:16:22

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35090Stephen Bean

Pass me the wench please.

10/11/23 20:12:53

The Wolf Vote score: 21387The Wolf

"Ok, where's the steering wheel?"

10/11/23 20:10:33

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35090Stephen Bean

"I'll tell you what to do ladies. Now, put your hands on the camshaft..."

10/11/23 20:06:45

Mark England Vote score: 21684Mark England

"This reminds me of Dave. He's a right Dipstick"

10/11/23 20:06:18

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 9724Scrijjy Doo

Let's take a look under the bonnet.
After we fix the car.

10/11/23 20:01:35, edited: 10/11/23 20:10:33

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