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Tony S Vote score: 8200Tony S

Dave found transitioning to a woman hard work and was particularly surprised how heavy the breast implants were.

15/09/23 7:11:11

John Harrison Vote score: 5002John Harrison

Ironically, it was this exact pose that had resulted in her becoming a mummy in the first place.

15/09/23 7:09:39

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29506Dave Bryan

''You look exhausted, darling. Let me help you feed the cat.''

15/09/23 7:30:09, edited: 15/09/23 7:57:36

The Wolf Vote score: 21274The Wolf

...and then Daddy came home and ate his dinner, pinched Mummy's bum and said 'still got it babe', then apologised and made her a cup of tea, and then read us a story for 5 minutes. I don't know how Daddy does it. We sure do miss him during the day. Our hero.

15/09/23 7:42:39

Ian Goodyear Ian Goodyear

I wish someone had told me they were going to draw me when I was this tired. Then I would have shaved my ankles

15/09/23 10:21:39

Brian Butterfield Vote score: 872Brian Butterfield

From one of the biggest names in literature.

15/09/23 12:31:22

C CaMel Vote score: 12404C CaMel

First book ever written by a wifi password.

15/09/23 7:45:23

James Lennox Vote score: 16175James Lennox

Funny thing is, after eating everything in sight, then wrapping herself up in a blanket and not moving for 2 weeks, mummy turned into a slug.

15/09/23 7:07:32, edited: 15/09/23 7:14:07

Julia Kinsey Vote score: 2129Julia Kinsey

Don’t make a drama out of a chrysalis…

15/09/23 7:01:43

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29506Dave Bryan

''That caption site just wears her out.''

15/09/23 8:06:04

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29506Dave Bryan

''Three riders are approaching: two white men and one Indian.''

15/09/23 7:21:20

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29506Dave Bryan

''I'm a little behind today.''

15/09/23 7:13:38

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29506Dave Bryan

The publishers would like to apologise for the printing error on the front cover. The title should read: THE VERY TIRED MUMMY F-CKING.

15/09/23 7:02:42, edited: 15/09/23 7:08:04

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16671Mr Dome

Initially I thought this book was tawdry and lacked class, but then I noticed the author gave it that bit of Polish it needed

15/09/23 9:11:10

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38377Tony Edwards

"I am sorry to have to tell you that you have failed your mummy exams and I have to give you an F*."

15/09/23 8:42:39

Tony S Vote score: 8200Tony S

"To help with the cost of living while the kids are at school I have become a prostitute. Today I made £45.25."
"Who paid the 25p?"
"They all did."

15/09/23 7:16:56

Boycie Vote score: 6996Boycie

Carling don't name yoga poses, but if they did they would probably be the best f*cking yoga names in the world

15/09/23 7:11:10

Mark England Vote score: 21676Mark England

"Blimey, that was a tough cycle from work. Now where to park me bike?... Oh, thanks love"

15/09/23 7:07:41

Mark England Vote score: 21676Mark England

How can it be tired? It's been laying down in a tomb for years.

15/09/23 7:04:43

The Wolf Vote score: 21274The Wolf

Chapter 1: Dad comes home from the office.

"Ooooh. I'm a bit tired from work, love, but go on then..."

15/09/23 7:01:07

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