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John Harrison Vote score: 5096John Harrison

"Bloody hell Dorothy, looks like Tinman has been working out."

02/07/23 19:05:41

C CaMel Vote score: 12572C CaMel

Robocop: “Lion threat eliminated.”
Dorothy: ‘Oh dear.’

02/07/23 21:31:57, edited: 02/07/23 22:22:05

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 7950Crunchy Chords

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me to Oz."

02/07/23 19:03:18

James Lennox Vote score: 16257James Lennox

"Can you help me, Citizens? I've come to Oz to get a heart, and a liver, some kidneys, two legs, a penis would be nice..."

02/07/23 20:10:32, edited: 02/07/23 20:34:09

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 9726Scrijjy Doo

"Harvey Weinstein grabbed me too!"

02/07/23 19:23:34

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 9726Scrijjy Doo

Policeman Needs A Heart

02/07/23 19:05:49

Phil Swan Vote score: 2540Phil Swan

The film poster had said half man half machine and Dorothy was keen to find out which half was the man bits

02/07/23 19:46:11

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12517Hercules Rockefeller

The Wizard of Omnicorp

02/07/23 19:05:53

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 7950Crunchy Chords

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Robo."

02/07/23 19:04:33

Greg Curtis Vote score: 8889Greg Curtis

"The Wizard ALSO fixed Dorothy's chipped tooth."

02/07/23 22:02:52

Chris Keegan Vote score: 14159Chris Keegan

"Don't worry, you'll be fine now, but if Toto tries to bite you again just let us know"

02/07/23 21:49:57

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35099Stephen Bean

"I appear to have a harvest mouse in my left hand and a beaver in my right hand."

02/07/23 20:04:46

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35099Stephen Bean

Dorothy - "What do you do for a living?"

Robocop - "I scare crooks."

Scarecrow - "What a coincidence. I scare rooks too."

02/07/23 19:47:05

Glyn Evans Vote score: 11630Glyn Evans

"They say the Wicked Witch of the West is armed with flying monkeys, ED-209, Clarence Boddicker and her personal army, do you reckon you can take them on single handedly Tin-Man?"

"Has a crime been committed and are the general public in danger?"

02/07/23 19:22:46

Peter Houle Vote score: 873Peter Houle

"Dorothy of Kansas, you're coming with me. You and your little dog, too."

02/07/23 19:11:37

After all, Dorothy is a corpse looting slipper thief --Glyn Evans
M Clarkie Vote score: 1231M Clarkie

"Dorothy, that lube is meant for something that I don't have"

02/07/23 19:10:47, edited: 02/07/23 19:12:11

Ian Skelding Vote score: 32003Ian Skelding

“You’re standing on my toe toe.”

02/07/23 19:08:20

Al Overy Vote score: 17701Al Overy

"The Wicked Witch of the East is 'under house arrest', you say?"

02/07/23 19:07:38, edited: 03/07/23 6:59:11

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 7950Crunchy Chords

"Dorothy, let's try putting the lube on his left hand."

02/07/23 19:06:43

Julia Kinsey Vote score: 2171Julia Kinsey

“I’d buy that for a dollar!”

02/07/23 19:00:47

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