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KT A Vote score: 6350KT A

It was the day of Llamageddon. Or was it the Alpacalypse?

28/10/23 7:07:34

Very intelligent caption. Not only are we getting super pun value (two for the price of one), it also solves the identification problem. --Dave Bryan
Karen McDonald Vote score: 2471Karen McDonald

"Hello Unicorn, God here. Could you pop back through, I haven't quite finished."

28/10/23 7:25:57

John Harrison Vote score: 5044John Harrison

"Alright mate, take off your watch and any jewellery and walk straight through."

28/10/23 7:44:39

C CaMel Vote score: 12441C CaMel

“My wife said I live in a fantasy world, doesn’t bother me but my llama’s been too upset to fly all day.”

28/10/23 7:09:21

The Wolf Vote score: 21372The Wolf

Big Brother would be so much better if the contestants were Llamas.

28/10/23 7:11:50

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35012Stephen Bean

Crazy things can happen in alternate universes. Like Jehovah's Witnesses looking like llamas.

28/10/23 8:53:10

Phil Swan Vote score: 2503Phil Swan

"The sat nav says straight through to get to Barnsley. Is that right?"

28/10/23 7:06:45

David  Michael Vote score: 1049David Michael

The Dalai Llama was enlightened

28/10/23 7:03:36

Ian Skelding Vote score: 31978Ian Skelding

Llama bells should be ringing

28/10/23 7:01:09

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16704Mr Dome

Not another explosion at the Dulux factory

28/10/23 9:20:38

Vivvy En Vote score: 13030Vivvy En

*Thinks* It's time I visited the optician. I'm having those ocular migraines again.

28/10/23 8:43:15, edited: 28/10/23 8:43:28

C CaMel Vote score: 12441C CaMel

“Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be Llama Del Ray.”

28/10/23 8:03:22

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