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Ian Skelding Vote score: 32006Ian Skelding

“The service here is bloody useless, it’s like we’re not here.”

02/04/23 7:00:14

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29749Dave Bryan

''We love it here. They always serve jumbo portions.''

02/04/23 7:05:51

James Lennox Vote score: 16325James Lennox

"It's nothing personal, luv, but if Noah expects me to repopulate the elephant species with you he's f*cking dreaming."

02/04/23 8:45:42, edited: 02/04/23 8:50:14

Mark England Vote score: 21694Mark England


02/04/23 8:02:48

Glad You Remember Vote score: 2724Glad You Remember

"I think we're safe here. They don't even poach the eggs."

02/04/23 10:28:20

Kenny Ireland Vote score: 6121Kenny Ireland

"I would have preferred an Indian".

02/04/23 7:15:57

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5137Mark Wilson

"Best thing about being an Elephant is knowing you'll never suffer from dementia"

02/04/23 7:08:59

General Zod Vote score: 4604General Zod

The restaurant had received 5 stars on TuskPilot

02/04/23 8:17:52

Molly R Vote score: 4221Molly R

"Yes, son, I know your mother was very good friends with a chimpanzee, but I still love you as if you were my own."

02/04/23 7:00:47

Al Overy Vote score: 17722Al Overy

"So, I said this anthropomorphism is weird, James. It'll take millennia for elephants to evolve to the level of homo sapiens."

"What did he say?"

"F*ck me! A talking elephant!"

02/04/23 8:42:37

KT A Vote score: 6427KT A

"I'm thinking of having a gastric band fitted"

02/04/23 7:18:23

Chris Halliwell Vote score: 5844Chris Halliwell

Bun Appetite!

02/04/23 8:35:39

John Harrison Vote score: 5169John Harrison

"...and watch out for a bloke called Bear Grylls trying to eat your shit."

02/04/23 7:17:57

KT A Vote score: 6427KT A

"How many times do I need to tell you, Nelly, go and wash your trunk before dinner."

02/04/23 7:14:40

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