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KT A Vote score: 6308KT A

The new chicken McThugget

01/10/23 7:51:10

John Harrison Vote score: 4999John Harrison

Knuckle sandwich

01/10/23 7:02:03

Boycie Vote score: 6996Boycie


01/10/23 7:07:29, edited: 01/10/23 7:11:30

Vivvy En Vote score: 13015Vivvy En


01/10/23 7:25:14

Ian Skelding Vote score: 31945Ian Skelding

Biggs Mac

01/10/23 7:14:36, suggested edits

Boycie Vote score: 6996Boycie

They always filled Dave's fries to the very top

01/10/23 7:02:02, edited: 01/10/23 7:23:37

John Harrison Vote score: 4999John Harrison

I'm glovin' it.

01/10/23 7:04:55

C CaMel Vote score: 12398C CaMel

“I used to be able to take this off.”

01/10/23 8:02:02

Gregory Santora Gregory Santora

And thus, the great Burger War between McDonalds and Burger King was upon us.

03/10/23 18:24:04

Sam Cass Vote score: 1011Sam Cass

A routine prostate exam.

01/10/23 11:44:27

David  Michael Vote score: 1048David Michael

The Pope in da 'hood

01/10/23 7:42:11

KT A Vote score: 6308KT A

When Carlo arrives, the McBreakfast offer lasts all day

01/10/23 7:40:07

Karen McDonald Vote score: 2439Karen McDonald

"You wanna piece of meat?"

01/10/23 7:13:02

Kathleen Ralph Vote score: 193Kathleen Ralph

"M" Stands for "Mine"... Hands Off!

01/10/23 7:06:35, edited: 01/10/23 7:07:37

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