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Al Overy Vote score: 17018Al Overy

Whenever Jeff meets a new girl he gets completely carried away.

14/03/23 8:06:10

Kenny Ireland Vote score: 6120Kenny Ireland

Male order.

14/03/23 8:00:20

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 20631Vanessa the Guesser


14/03/23 8:00:15

Glad You Remember Vote score: 2646Glad You Remember

Dave suspected he was about to be dumped.

14/03/23 8:52:40

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16319Mr Dome

This is Dave and his wife Carrie

14/03/23 8:07:48

KT A Vote score: 5524KT A

Jack in a box

14/03/23 8:00:12

James Lennox Vote score: 15524James Lennox

Delivered by Amazon.

14/03/23 8:08:17

General Zod Vote score: 4604General Zod

🎵 I'm getting carried in the morning...... 🎵

14/03/23 8:38:03, edited: 14/03/23 8:38:23

Paul Gledhill Vote score: 1504Paul Gledhill

Dave's fetish of wearing stockings in public goes undetected.

14/03/23 8:32:17

General Zod Vote score: 4604General Zod

Deliver Hugh

14/03/23 8:00:30

C CaMel Vote score: 11418C CaMel

Ann Summers will not be able to process your return on this occasion.

14/03/23 9:05:12

Ryan F Vote score: 369Ryan F

I told my girlfriend to mentally focus on packing all of her problems into a box and throw it away.

14/03/23 9:01:11

C CaMel Vote score: 11418C CaMel

NHS ambulance service shows signs of improvement.

14/03/23 9:01:06

General Zod Vote score: 4604General Zod

Boxing Trevor

14/03/23 8:04:40

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12062Hercules Rockefeller

Boxing clever

14/03/23 8:01:21

Stephen Bean Vote score: 33705Stephen Bean

"Dad, it's so embarrassing when you pick me up from school."

"Sorry son, I'll try to dress like the other parents."

"I don't mind what you wear Dad. It's just that my friends found out you're a captioneer."

14/03/23 8:00:31, edited: 16/03/23 20:19:32

Nigel Marshall Vote score: 1784Nigel Marshall

Life after surgery for Mick and Diane after that awful amateur magicians assistant night.

14/03/23 8:22:47

John Harrison Vote score: 4261John Harrison

Tash and Harry

14/03/23 8:20:35

Nigel Marshall Vote score: 1784Nigel Marshall

Carlos identified as ‘them’

14/03/23 8:17:39

M Clarkie Vote score: 1213M Clarkie

Hey I've Just been picked up by a real doll.

14/03/23 8:05:13

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