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Al Overy Vote score: 17011Al Overy

Upon losing, he began screaming, shouting and rolling on the floor, which was disgraceful behaviour for a 65 year old town councillor.

06/08/23 20:31:04

My apologies, Chris. I would delete it, but it would make nonsense of your and Glyn's responses. --Molly R
Julia Kinsey Vote score: 1898Julia Kinsey

Chess nuts hosting in an orphan foyer

06/08/23 20:12:30, edited: 08/08/23 8:37:20

Excruciating. Love it. --Karen McDonald
Dave Bryan Vote score: 28581Dave Bryan

''What do you think of the chess puns, kid?''

''Most of them are stale, mate.''

06/08/23 20:57:06

Joe Vote score: 1966Joe


06/08/23 20:08:35

C CaMel Vote score: 11411C CaMel

“Seems impressive until you realise most of the elderly gentlemen have eaten their own King and have no idea who they are.”

06/08/23 22:34:26, edited: 06/08/23 23:03:35

Ian Skelding Vote score: 31739Ian Skelding

“We were all your age when the last move was made.”

06/08/23 20:43:02, edited: 06/08/23 20:43:29

Al Overy Vote score: 17011Al Overy

"We're all going to beat you."

"I think not, Sir! I have all your Queens and an extremely strong position on every board."

"With a slipper, you precocious little turd!"

06/08/23 21:37:13

Vivvy En Vote score: 12497Vivvy En

"Gentlemen, I shall beat you all soundly, change out of this hideous outfit and then go and smash up an omnibus shelter."

06/08/23 20:37:53

Tony S Vote score: 7896Tony S

"Check mate , now can I have a f@cking Xbox?"

06/08/23 20:22:32

C CaMel Vote score: 11411C CaMel

“Watch out for that Bishop.”

06/08/23 20:21:31

Stephen Bean Vote score: 33704Stephen Bean

Checkin' Little

06/08/23 20:11:33

Glyn Evans Vote score: 11358Glyn Evans

"It would be most prudent if you didn't use the pieces on this board to take ones from the others"

07/08/23 9:04:30

John Harrison Vote score: 4261John Harrison

"Make the most of it kid. One day a box of wires is going to make you look a complete tit."

06/08/23 21:17:56

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 8933Scrijjy Doo

Small children were employed to remove all the black pieces.

06/08/23 20:13:52

Al Overy Vote score: 17011Al Overy

Professor Krapotkov won by a whisker.

06/08/23 20:10:41

Joe Vote score: 1966Joe

Nigel Short

06/08/23 20:09:58

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