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John Harrison Vote score: 5046John Harrison

Nice, but I really need a boot.

14/02/23 12:00:14

Ian Skelding Vote score: 31980Ian Skelding

“It doesn’t run very well.”

14/02/23 12:22:25

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35016Stephen Bean

"I'm training to be a shoeffeur."

14/02/23 12:45:31

C CaMel Vote score: 12441C CaMel

Dave claimed to have a team of engineers but it was cobblers.

14/02/23 12:19:51, edited: 14/02/23 12:20:07

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29577Dave Bryan

Michael Shoemacher

14/02/23 12:00:15

Sorry Dave, I forgot I hadn't voted on this photo. Great caption. --Stephen Bean
Mark England Vote score: 21678Mark England

"We don't know what it is yet, Mr President, but we shot it down over Philadelphia"

14/02/23 12:12:00

KT A Vote score: 6350KT A

Don't you know, it's not safe to drive in high heels.

14/02/23 13:48:38

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38426Tony Edwards

An impressive feet of engineering.

14/02/23 12:59:51

General Zod Vote score: 4604General Zod

Heels on Wheels

14/02/23 12:00:14

No worries Stephen. Thank you for the compliment. --General Zod
The Wolf Vote score: 21376The Wolf

Dave was a drag queen.

14/02/23 12:00:07


Nice. but you have to be well heeled to own one.

14/02/23 13:03:25

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29577Dave Bryan

''How do you keep it so clean and shiny?''

''I'm only prepared to answer questions about the car.''

14/02/23 12:26:57, edited: 14/02/23 13:11:20

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35016Stephen Bean

The Fast and the Odorous

14/02/23 12:25:17

Martin Veith Vote score: 1267Martin Veith

Some say I bit off more than I can Choo, but I'm quite Prada it.

14/02/23 15:07:44

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16706Mr Dome

Come on mate we're in a rush, put your foot down!

14/02/23 15:03:57

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35016Stephen Bean

Nigel Mansole

14/02/23 12:53:34

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35016Stephen Bean

Made by Toeyota

14/02/23 12:37:34

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