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KT A Vote score: 3527KT A

Global Warning

01/02/23 8:01:57

James Lennox Vote score: 13583James Lennox

"Damn it, Dave, next time check the opening hours before we travel 4.367 light years from Alpha Centauri."

01/02/23 8:19:10, edited: 01/02/23 8:32:03

Stephen Bean Vote score: 29564Stephen Bean

Forbidden Planet

01/02/23 8:18:48

John Harrison Vote score: 2288John Harrison

...but corner shop still open.

01/02/23 8:10:51

Dave Bryan Vote score: 25404Dave Bryan

''Cheer up, Dave, it's not the end of the world....................''

01/02/23 8:25:14

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19522Vanessa the Guesser

Does that mean no access to Uranus?

01/02/23 8:00:11

Jo Vote score: 486Jo

COVID restrictions are starting to get a bit crazy...

01/02/23 8:00:11

Tony S Vote score: 7062Tony S

Even the planet has gone on strike today.

01/02/23 8:05:35

C CaMel Vote score: 9536C CaMel

Nothing to phone home about.

01/02/23 10:08:25

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37024Tony Edwards

Follow the diversion signs to another planet.

01/02/23 9:56:45

Glyn Evans Vote score: 10781Glyn Evans

Shut Happens

01/02/23 9:13:23

Tony S Vote score: 7062Tony S

What on Earth is going on?

01/02/23 8:07:42

John Harrison Vote score: 2288John Harrison

Mars Bar

01/02/23 8:02:23

Ian Skelding Vote score: 30643Ian Skelding

Oh very funny, putting a tree in one of our cones.”

01/02/23 8:17:54

The Wolf Vote score: 17758The Wolf

"Hello, I'd like to report some vandalism please. They've defaced our road sign and left four bags of dog shit at the scene. I believe you should be looking for somebody with a Great Dane."

01/02/23 8:14:15

Clever. Love this.🙂 --Ellen Duncalf
Chris Halliwell Vote score: 5670Chris Halliwell

There's going to be a lot of people Saturn their cars waiting for it to re-open.

01/02/23 8:08:43

Brian Lee Whitworth Brian Lee Whitworth

The aliens drove all this way too... gutted

01/02/23 12:47:48

Planet closed its already full sorry. --Lisa Day
Julie Bridge Vote score: 443Julie Bridge

For further news watch this space

01/02/23 12:28:31


Don't Panic!

01/02/23 10:22:28

Pri Mustor Vote score: 125Pri Mustor

I'd have bet on The Sun closing down first.

01/02/23 8:38:20

brian davies Vote score: 296brian davies

due to Earth works

01/02/23 8:32:02

The Wolf Vote score: 17758The Wolf

Out now on DVD - Planet Closed. The story of a 5ft Kinder Egg monster that violently breaks out of its chocolate shell and kills everyone on Earth before planting a tree in a traffic cone.

IMDb - 0.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes - 1%

01/02/23 8:25:38, edited: 01/02/23 8:42:49

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

Please use Saturn ring road.

01/02/23 8:16:50

Tony S Vote score: 7062Tony S

Hopefully politicians will eventually see the signs.

01/02/23 8:09:47

Dave Bryan Vote score: 25404Dave Bryan

''This must be a world first.''

01/02/23 8:02:08, edited: 01/02/23 8:28:42

Julia Kinsey Vote score: 1016Julia Kinsey

Planet of the Japes

01/02/23 8:00:15

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