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Al Overy Vote score: 15230Al Overy

Running joke.

25/02/23 8:00:11

James Lennox Vote score: 13583James Lennox

- 21
- Hung like a horse
- Sexual deviant
- Behind you

25/02/23 8:00:16

Nod to my dating profile. --Tony S
Dave Bryan Vote score: 25404Dave Bryan

Dave spells out the dangers to young captioneers of sitting on your arse all day writing puns.

25/02/23 8:50:34

Al Overy Vote score: 15230Al Overy

His best jeers are behind him.

25/02/23 8:00:38

Ian Skelding Vote score: 30643Ian Skelding

“He’s nearly finished the Marathon.”
“I thought they were called Snickers now.”

25/02/23 8:13:31

Paul Gledhill Vote score: 934Paul Gledhill

-But not a hope in hell of getting to the finish line

25/02/23 8:18:48

James Lennox Vote score: 13583James Lennox

Dave was later slammed on social media for taunting the race's one legged participant.

25/02/23 8:16:36

Dave Bryan Vote score: 25404Dave Bryan

When he came in last Dave realised the joke was on him.

25/02/23 8:54:39

Paul Gledhill Vote score: 934Paul Gledhill

-Poor eyesight

It was suddenly dawning on Dave that the 100m fun run he entered was actually 100km

25/02/23 8:21:24

Tony S Vote score: 7062Tony S

The 2023 marathon runners pass Dave as he nears the end of his 2022 100m sprint race.

25/02/23 8:16:47

Dave Bryan Vote score: 25404Dave Bryan

According to his wife, he died later that afternoon doing what he liked best - Irritating people with childish Tee-shirt slogans.

25/02/23 8:17:06, edited: 25/02/23 8:41:20

Phil Swan Vote score: 163Phil Swan

Whilst the t-shirt had been a good idea being last hadn't been part of the plan

25/02/23 8:07:44

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

John completed the last mile in record time after smelling a nearby burger van.

25/02/23 12:58:58

Ellen Duncalf Vote score: 1366Ellen Duncalf

"Which good cause are you running for Fred?"

"Ambulance Service."

25/02/23 10:22:08

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 11133Hercules Rockefeller

"And if you'd have taken your insulin shot earlier you might still be ahead of me. Catch you at the finish line, Dave."

25/02/23 8:13:39

Jo Vote score: 486Jo

No sugarcoating here

25/02/23 10:21:00

KT A Vote score: 3527KT A

Mr Motivator

25/02/23 9:29:47

Chris Keegan Vote score: 13181Chris Keegan

The front of his shirt reads

25/02/23 9:29:12

MICHAEL CLARKE Vote score: 236MICHAEL CLARKE has awarded you the name Dave.

25/02/23 8:44:48

John Harrison Vote score: 2288John Harrison

The Darby & Joan Club pantomime horse got some great pictures again this year.

25/02/23 8:26:31

Stephen Bean Vote score: 29564Stephen Bean

Dave didn't have many friends.

25/02/23 8:00:21

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