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Tony Edwards Vote score: 37024Tony Edwards

Eton Miss

02/02/23 20:04:27

Al Overy Vote score: 15230Al Overy

When you said you knew a girl that did a great BJ...

02/02/23 21:38:51

Dave Bryan Vote score: 25404Dave Bryan

''Honestly, she isn’t my daughter.''

02/02/23 20:00:20, edited: 02/02/23 20:01:03

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 11133Hercules Rockefeller

Boris without his Johnson

02/02/23 20:01:11

John Harrison Vote score: 2288John Harrison

“Oh alright then, THEY is a knob.”

02/02/23 20:00:29

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19522Vanessa the Guesser

Sorry but there's no sign of a General Erection any time soon.

02/02/23 20:01:00

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 7066Scrijjy Doo

Transitional Government

02/02/23 20:02:51

Jo Vote score: 486Jo

It's amazing how long Boris's hair is when it's properly combed instead of sticking up in the air in forty different directions

02/02/23 20:02:33

The Wolf Vote score: 17758The Wolf

Labour Party Voter Wank Challenge - Picture 1 - Difficulty level (Medium/Hard)

02/02/23 20:00:24

Ian Skelding Vote score: 30643Ian Skelding

If only there was some sort of clue or way I could find out who my Father was, thought Clarissa.

02/02/23 20:00:21

James Lennox Vote score: 13583James Lennox

Is there any Captioneer that isn't thinking "Doris Johnson"?

02/02/23 20:00:17

No there isn't, thats what I wrote lol --Jo
Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 7066Scrijjy Doo

The chair does not recognize the gentleman.

02/02/23 22:40:06

Chris Keegan Vote score: 13181Chris Keegan

Boris suggests talks with Nicola Sturgion went extremely well.

02/02/23 21:45:43

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19522Vanessa the Guesser

Even Bill Clinton admits: "I definitely did not have sexual relations with THAT woman."

02/02/23 20:16:53

Paul Gledhill Vote score: 934Paul Gledhill

The disguise Boris used when attending lockdown parties.

02/02/23 20:00:16

C CaMel Vote score: 9536C CaMel

Tory Wilcox

03/02/23 7:42:40

Phil Swan Vote score: 163Phil Swan

Nadine and Boris's love child exposed.

03/02/23 6:47:33

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18125Dan Nicholls

"Yeah but no but shut up, cos I've seen Hancock groping that bird what works for him by the photocopier and that's true."

02/02/23 22:27:06

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

The Prime Minister of Miss Jean Brodie

02/02/23 21:15:48

Jo Vote score: 486Jo

Glad to see Boris had one thing in common with the rest of us - he really needed a haircut after lockdown!

02/02/23 20:53:13

The Wolf Vote score: 17758The Wolf

"Sir Keir, can we talk to you about some porn we found in your desk?"

02/02/23 20:35:31

Stephen Bean Vote score: 29564Stephen Bean


02/02/23 20:19:55

Julie Bridge Vote score: 443Julie Bridge

Rug Prat

02/02/23 20:16:56

Jo Vote score: 486Jo

Vicky Pollard has scrubbed up nicely

02/02/23 20:07:32

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19522Vanessa the Guesser

Meanwhile in Downing Street, trying to be a perfect 10.

02/02/23 20:05:28

Peter Houle Vote score: 500Peter Houle

A-heinous Borissette

02/02/23 20:03:47

Julia Kinsey Vote score: 1016Julia Kinsey

Can't decide if he's trying to be Scarlett BoJohansson or Bojo Derek? He's definitely looks a big Jessie...

02/02/23 20:00:53

Jo Vote score: 486Jo

Doris Johnson

02/02/23 20:00:26

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