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Al Overy Vote score: 15230Al Overy


  Rock and paper came along after scissors. Dads currently suing the vasectomy clinic.

26/01/23 12:11:11

Congratulations, Al. Out of the many great captions this month, yours was a cut above the rest.:^)Crunchy --Crunchy Chords
Julia Kinsey Vote score: 1016Julia Kinsey

Why do celebrities give their kids such ridiculous names…

26/01/23 12:00:26

Pri Mustor Vote score: 125Pri Mustor

Rock, third from the son.

26/01/23 12:23:55

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 11133Hercules Rockefeller

"They really are a crafty bunch."

26/01/23 12:09:36

Julia Kinsey Vote score: 1016Julia Kinsey

“Come in now children. WALK! You should never run with Scissors...”

26/01/23 12:00:13

Tracy Mac Vote score: 134Tracy Mac

This is how they choose in China's 1 child rule

26/01/23 12:11:41

Chris Beach Vote score: 2106Chris Beach

Yesterday we learnt how everyone's a winner, and it's the taking part that counts.
Today, kids, we're going to learn about real life.

26/01/23 12:09:27, edited: 26/01/23 12:39:04

Vivvy En Vote score: 11206Vivvy En

"Hurry up and take the picture, Dad... Chop chop."

26/01/23 12:35:18

Craig Eddsenior Vote score: 2401Craig Eddsenior

"Let your little sister in the photo, Jack, don't be so blunt"

26/01/23 12:00:49, edited: 26/01/23 12:04:00

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

The day little Jimmy became a eunuch.

26/01/23 12:00:08

Ellen Duncalf Vote score: 1366Ellen Duncalf

The eldest is very sharp, the middle one academic and the youngest one is just sooooo cute.

27/01/23 8:43:49

Glyn Evans Vote score: 10781Glyn Evans

"Oh no! All three have appeared at the same time! How will it end?"

26/01/23 13:45:20

John Harrison Vote score: 2288John Harrison

Ah, the good old days when you could still inflate your baby with helium for comedic effect, without incurring the wrath of some woke social worker.

26/01/23 13:10:45

vincent hefter Vote score: 1398vincent hefter

While 1 & 2 Were Dressing UP...
--------- o ---------
Paper, scissors
And a tiny REBEL:
("I'm not a rock,
I'm just a PEBBLE")
--------- o ---------
Baby Got a Dressing DOWN...

26/01/23 12:00:18, edited: 26/01/23 12:28:48

Jo Vote score: 486Jo

Rock Paper Scissor Sisters

26/01/23 12:03:30

Ian Skelding Vote score: 30643Ian Skelding

If scissors win I’ll cut up my tax return, thought Nadhim Zahawi.

26/01/23 12:00:17

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 7066Scrijjy Doo

Tragically, scissors beat rocks.

26/01/23 14:17:46

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37024Tony Edwards

John wants to be a surgeon, Janet a writer, while the baby just wants to keep on rocking.

26/01/23 12:43:02

Dave Bryan Vote score: 25404Dave Bryan

''I've got this terrible urge to start posting gratuitous puns again.''

''Just cut it out.'' - Anon

26/01/23 12:16:30

Dave Bryan Vote score: 25404Dave Bryan

''This afternoon Peter can be scissors instead of rock. He needs changing.''

26/01/23 12:03:01, edited: 26/01/23 12:07:03

Julia Kinsey Vote score: 1016Julia Kinsey

The new range at M&S Kids came under some criticism 

26/01/23 12:00:41

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

"But we agreed to have only two children."
"Kate, you really don't understand how great this fancy dress costume idea is."

26/01/23 12:00:16

Molly R Vote score: 3956Molly R

The cat is buried in the flowerbed. Rock on Tommy!

26/01/23 12:00:10

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