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James Lennox Vote score: 16325James Lennox

"I think I'm gonna find a new Best Man, Dave. This Stag Do sucks."

09/02/23 12:17:23

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29747Dave Bryan

''That's a coincidence, I write captions too.''

09/02/23 12:25:12

Julie Bridge Vote score: 865Julie Bridge

A very down to earth couple.

09/02/23 12:01:06

Julia Kinsey Vote score: 2222Julia Kinsey

This neighbourhood is full of Coke heads

09/02/23 12:00:22

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35214Stephen Bean

"How come you two can't walk?"

"We used to be in the army and they had this special way of putting your trousers on..."

09/02/23 12:00:51

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16800Mr Dome

These two are so bad but the store behind them is grocer

09/02/23 12:20:09

alexandra ball Vote score: 2440alexandra ball

Flat mates.

09/02/23 12:11:22

Peter Houle Vote score: 876Peter Houle

Beware of men on depravement.

09/02/23 12:37:56

Ian Skelding Vote score: 32006Ian Skelding

“The fizzy drinks aren’t working Bill, don’t you think we should look for the nearest defibrillator?”

09/02/23 12:05:50, edited: 09/02/23 12:07:25

General Zod Vote score: 4604General Zod

Kerb your enthusiasm

09/02/23 12:04:40

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29747Dave Bryan

''So after I shagged the blonde I had the brunette.''

''Don't take any notice of him. All he ever does is lie on the pavement.''

09/02/23 12:02:27, edited: 09/02/23 12:12:17

Michelle Norton Michelle Norton

Fred was trialing “First dates on a budget”

09/02/23 15:04:30

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38507Tony Edwards

Pavement piss artists

09/02/23 12:26:34

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29747Dave Bryan

''I wasn't always the man you're talking to now. I had to drag myself out of the gutter.''

09/02/23 12:19:56, edited: 09/02/23 12:39:23

Julie Bridge Vote score: 865Julie Bridge

''Fancy going out for dinner? ''

09/02/23 12:01:42

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