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Stephen Bean Vote score: 35180Stephen Bean

The good old days... when families could afford to heat one room.

02/12/22 8:00:14

stoneface1 Vote score: 1936stoneface1

"Look, I look know there's an energy crisis on , and we've all got to keep warm the best we can. But this is taking the piss. Now do you mind frigging off back next door to your own house "

02/12/22 8:17:56, edited: 02/12/22 8:18:32

Ian Sanderson Vote score: 1026Ian Sanderson

We’re so poor we’re in black and white

02/12/22 8:38:49

You can't be that poor if you can afford a camera to take a picture of you lying stricken in poverty --Glyn Evans
Dave Bryan Vote score: 29726Dave Bryan

''Breakfast is in fifteen minutes. How do you like your mouse droppings?''

02/12/22 8:12:52, edited: 02/12/22 8:21:57

Lawrence Day Vote score: 596Lawrence Day

How can it get worse.
The mother in ln law is staying

02/12/22 13:21:53

Ian Skelding Vote score: 32006Ian Skelding

“Cup of tea and six straws please.”

02/12/22 8:06:49

The Wolf Vote score: 21453The Wolf

Unfortunately, under current circumstances and especially at this time of year, this was a common scene across the country. All huddled in one room and putting on a brave face whilst secretly terrified of what's to come. All they wanted was some good news, and then it came....

"Ok you lot. I've found the spider and squashed the bugger with my slipper. You can all go back to your rooms now."

02/12/22 9:30:04

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29726Dave Bryan

''Could you fetch me the gluten-free breakfast menu?''

02/12/22 8:47:42, edited: 02/12/22 12:01:09

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29726Dave Bryan

''Can we have dripping on our toast this morning?''

''Certainly, I'll give you the table under the hole in the roof.''

02/12/22 9:01:10

John Harrison Vote score: 5151John Harrison

"I know Margaret, but just think how much worse it would have been under Mr Corbyn."

02/12/22 8:05:06

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

"That was the bed bugs. They've all left, said something about having standards."

02/12/22 9:24:20

Nigel Marshall Vote score: 1883Nigel Marshall

“Room for one more?”

02/12/22 8:14:43

John Harrison Vote score: 5151John Harrison

"We've been getting away with it so far Madge, but this place really isn't suitable for a Chapel of Rest."

02/12/22 15:19:32

Generic RedHead Vote score: 1064Generic RedHead

Glimpse of new artwork installed at Tory HQ.

02/12/22 10:29:58

John Harrison Vote score: 5151John Harrison

"Mill owner's at t' door. He says can you stop breathing so much cos you're misting up t' windows."

02/12/22 9:43:19

Ian Skelding Vote score: 32006Ian Skelding

“Could you all get up and vacate the room please, there’s some very drunk Japanese guests who want to come in and clean it.”

02/12/22 8:52:14, edited: 02/12/22 11:55:20

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29726Dave Bryan


''No, the bath needs emptying.''

02/12/22 8:24:47

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