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John Harrison Vote score: 5046John Harrison

"I wish she'd stop flashing her tits."

21/08/23 7:10:42

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29577Dave Bryan

Light entertainment

21/08/23 7:12:26

Karen McDonald Vote score: 2474Karen McDonald


21/08/23 7:08:46

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12505Hercules Rockefeller

"Wow, I had no idea that Becky was a Highlander."

21/08/23 7:02:38

"...although I should have suspected something when she chopped Sarah's head off." --James Lennox
Al Overy Vote score: 17668Al Overy

Light hearted joke

21/08/23 7:02:18

C CaMel Vote score: 12441C CaMel

Beaming with Joy.

21/08/23 9:42:38, edited: 21/08/23 10:34:26

C CaMel Vote score: 12441C CaMel

Ray Charlies

21/08/23 7:14:06

Ray (of light), charlies (slang for boobs), Ray Charles (musician)? Maybe that's what she was grooving to?  --Vivvy En
Boycie Vote score: 6996Boycie

Just doing some light stretching

21/08/23 7:06:10, edited: 21/08/23 7:15:09

Peter Houle Vote score: 872Peter Houle

It had been a while since Darlene's last brush with a shaft.

21/08/23 17:21:23

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38426Tony Edwards

Strip the light fantastic

21/08/23 9:56:40

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 3483Karen Oakenfull

When a Star Trek Convention goes wrong.

21/08/23 9:36:48

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38426Tony Edwards

Attract her beam

21/08/23 9:30:51

Martin Veith Vote score: 1267Martin Veith

"It's no use, Satan, they're all so bloody desensitized."

21/08/23 8:33:05, edited: 21/08/23 10:07:59

C CaMel Vote score: 12441C CaMel

That awkward moment your wife is raptured up to heaven and you are still on the ground.

21/08/23 7:37:04

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14773Neil Mackenzie

When you hit the dance floor in Tenerife fresh off the plane from Glasgow.

21/08/23 7:35:22

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16706Mr Dome

Dave's excitement was growing

21/08/23 7:11:40

John Harrison Vote score: 5046John Harrison

"I don't know, but two minutes ago she said 'may the good lord strike me down if I'm not a virgin'."

21/08/23 7:09:15

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35016Stephen Bean

Where no mammary has gone before

21/08/23 7:07:00, edited: 21/08/23 19:34:42

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