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Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 20611Vanessa the Guesser

So what? I wore a tank top.

09/02/23 20:01:57

Al Overy Vote score: 16981Al Overy

Didn't she used to be a Pond Girl?

09/02/23 22:07:25

Stephen Bean Vote score: 33613Stephen Bean

She's fishing for compliments.

09/02/23 20:01:40

Julia Kinsey Vote score: 1855Julia Kinsey

She looks a little Koi wearing it…

09/02/23 20:00:13

Dave E Vote score: 903Dave E

She was told to "seize the day" - Carp eh? Dear Em

10/02/23 8:05:57

Stephen Bean Vote score: 33613Stephen Bean

Wanda Woman

09/02/23 20:00:10

Ian Skelding Vote score: 31708Ian Skelding

“You ought to see her Puffer jacket.”

09/02/23 23:29:39

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16306Mr Dome

Hair by John Freida, make-up by Charlotte Tilbury, dress by Pets At Home

09/02/23 21:41:48

John Harrison Vote score: 4260John Harrison

She was hoping to receive an A-cod-emy award

09/02/23 20:29:23

General Zod Vote score: 4604General Zod

Emma Corrin promotes new Bond film: Fishfinger

09/02/23 20:25:57, edited: 10/02/23 8:22:19

Paul Gledhill Vote score: 1486Paul Gledhill

Emma realised that wearing the dress was not a good idea; then 5 seconds later she forgot and wore it anyway.

09/02/23 20:00:29

James Lennox Vote score: 15461James Lennox

Who'd have thought that incontinence pants could be made fashionable?

09/02/23 20:04:40, edited: 09/02/23 20:06:38

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 20611Vanessa the Guesser

My Fair Lady

09/02/23 20:00:11

Michelle Norton Michelle Norton

They say you never win at the fair, who’s laughing now!!

10/02/23 6:47:42

Martin Veith Vote score: 1267Martin Veith

It was all fun and games for a while, but Von Trapp wanted his goddamn shower curtain back.

10/02/23 6:14:44

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14620Neil Mackenzie

The dress certainly drew attention away from her terrible haircut.

09/02/23 20:23:40

Dave Bryan Vote score: 28485Dave Bryan

''I don't mind people staring at the dress. As a famous actor, I'm used to being in a goldfish bowl.''

09/02/23 20:00:12, edited: 09/02/23 20:15:34

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

"At least she made a splash..."

09/02/23 20:10:38

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 20611Vanessa the Guesser

Looks like a school uniform.

09/02/23 20:07:36

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