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Tony S Vote score: 7062Tony S

"You know by the year 2023 you won't be able to have this many in a car and even passengers will have to wear a seat belt."
"Shut up Rishi."

20/01/23 12:11:58

Dave Bryan Vote score: 25405Dave Bryan

When I was told there were ten people travelling in a small car I thought it must be a wind-up.

20/01/23 12:10:26, edited: 20/01/23 12:26:24

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 2996Karen Oakenfull

“Hey Tommy go get the crank.”
“But I thought your girlfriend was on vacation?”
How they laughed.

20/01/23 12:13:39, edited: 20/01/23 12:47:35

He didn't really mean it. He was just a little wound up. --Willie Johnson
Pri Mustor Vote score: 125Pri Mustor

Vehicular men's laughter.

20/01/23 12:02:20, edited: 20/01/23 12:03:38

''They laughed when I told them I was going to be a caption writer. They're not laughing now.''  --Dave Bryan
Al Overy Vote score: 15230Al Overy

Car lot

20/01/23 12:46:26

John Harrison Vote score: 2289John Harrison

Dave kept the photo in his wallet for 50 years as a reminder of his final day with functioning limbs.

20/01/23 15:14:12

Craig Eddsenior Vote score: 2401Craig Eddsenior

Grease shitening.

20/01/23 13:37:29

Tony S Vote score: 7062Tony S

Uk customs officer: " Have you exceeded any of your allowances?"
Dave: " no officer ,200 cigarettes, 50 bottles of booze and 9 immigrants. "

20/01/23 12:52:13

Vivvy En Vote score: 11206Vivvy En

🎵 The boys are back in town

20/01/23 12:10:05

Fun fact: Thin Lizzy were named for a comics character named Tin Lizzie. They decided to change the name a little to have some fun with the pronunciation. --Willie Johnson
Stephen Bean Vote score: 29564Stephen Bean

They were all friends until they joined and started to post the same captions

20/01/23 12:07:10

John Harrison Vote score: 2289John Harrison

When the ad’ said the job came with a car, they’d naively expected one each.

20/01/23 12:04:49

vincent hefter Vote score: 1398vincent hefter

Mathematicians, please note: ten into one DOES go! (But very, very slowly)

20/01/23 12:00:38

Tracy Mac Vote score: 134Tracy Mac

Police receive reports of teenagers in Manchester causing mayhem by getting high on ginger beer and driving at speeds of almost 10 miles per hour!

20/01/23 23:18:57

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4901Mark Wilson

"Thanks for the lift, Mr Dahmer"

20/01/23 19:19:05

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 7066Scrijjy Doo

They're all dead now.

20/01/23 15:56:21

brian davies Vote score: 296brian davies

It's called THe Attractor because it has loads of pulling pwer

20/01/23 13:18:18

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37024Tony Edwards

If you think this is dangerous you should have seen them on the way back from the dance with a partner.

20/01/23 12:47:07, edited: 20/01/23 12:49:20

John Harrison Vote score: 2289John Harrison

Any concerns about overloading were offset by the fact that the car was now too heavy to move.

20/01/23 12:43:59

Tony S Vote score: 7062Tony S

"Let's go pick up Tina and have a chitty chitty gang bang. "

20/01/23 12:06:22

KT A Vote score: 3527KT A

Where’s that Marty McFly?

20/01/23 12:03:36

KT A Vote score: 3527KT A

I got me a car, it seats about 20, so hurry up and bring your jukebox money!

20/01/23 12:03:28

Tony S Vote score: 7062Tony S

"And this was the day I invented the combustion engine and gave up my peddle car."

20/01/23 12:03:14

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 11133Hercules Rockefeller

"When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're going to see some serious shit."

20/01/23 12:02:24

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

The Don't-have-a-chance-of-getting-up-a Hill Mob.

20/01/23 12:01:43, edited: 20/01/23 15:16:08

Chris Keegan Vote score: 13181Chris Keegan

“Sorry we’re late, heavy traffic…..”

20/01/23 12:00:55

vincent hefter Vote score: 1398vincent hefter

A Chevy chase! [At snail's pace!]

20/01/23 12:00:14

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

What Rishi Sunak expected when he visited Morecambe.

20/01/23 12:00:07

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