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Dave Bryan Vote score: 26800Dave Bryan

''She died several hours ago, Holmes. Do you suspect foil play?''

09/05/23 20:28:42

Alumentary... --Peter Houle
Mark England Vote score: 20844Mark England

Now I regret agreeing to help my daughter with her history project on Pompeii

09/05/23 20:27:43

Vivvy En Vote score: 11726Vivvy En

"Gas mark 6 for two hours and I'll go and get the Chianti."

09/05/23 20:29:39

Al Overy Vote score: 16045Al Overy

The Silver Sofa Surfer

09/05/23 20:00:11

Dave Bryan Vote score: 26800Dave Bryan

''She was planning to post dreadful puns on the site but fortunately the caption police foiled her.''

09/05/23 21:07:04

The Wolf Vote score: 18368The Wolf

The Terminator T-1000 didn't look so tough after he was dumped by his girlfriend.

09/05/23 20:37:27, edited: 09/05/23 20:40:31

Lol. Just a few silly questions to ask...Considering that the T-1000 is a killing machine would they have parted on civil terms? Was the ex human or machine? Did they meet on Skynet? Having sampled some of her DNA, i... --Glyn Evans
Paul Hair Vote score: 4604Paul Hair

Dave was suffering from metal fatigue

09/05/23 20:13:08

Chris Keegan Vote score: 13879Chris Keegan

"Alternatively I could use a condom..."

09/05/23 22:19:30

The Wolf Vote score: 18368The Wolf

"Debbie, wake up, we're home now. How did you get on babysitting the kids?"

09/05/23 20:30:11, edited: 09/05/23 20:52:37

Ian Skelding Vote score: 31140Ian Skelding

🎵 Don’t cry for me Argent Tina 🎵

09/05/23 20:22:01

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5013Mark Wilson

"So how did the first night as a superhero crime fighter go?"

09/05/23 20:31:41

Julie Bridge Vote score: 864Julie Bridge

Aww bless she's in her element.

09/05/23 20:18:03

Paul Hair Vote score: 4604Paul Hair

Dave was too wrapped up in himself to realise what was going on.

09/05/23 20:05:39

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 3136Karen Oakenfull

“I take it you didn’t get the Covent Garden Statue Job then.”

10/05/23 0:37:09

alexandra ball Vote score: 2209alexandra ball

It's definitely a unique gift for their 25th wedding anniversary.

09/05/23 20:06:36

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19877Vanessa the Guesser

It was time for the Tin Man to go home but I didn't have the heart to tell him.

09/05/23 20:05:38

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 7670Scrijjy Doo

Burn it before it hatches!

09/05/23 20:03:07

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 11549Hercules Rockefeller

Donald Duct

09/05/23 20:01:44

The Wolf Vote score: 18368The Wolf

"Stop sulking Dave. We're going to my Mum's house for dinner and that's that."

09/05/23 20:46:34

Mr Toad Vote score: 2088Mr Toad

"I only wanted the crack and sack doing."

09/05/23 20:34:15, edited: 09/05/23 21:03:37

The Wolf Vote score: 18368The Wolf

The old 'Mates tape up the groom on his stag do whilst he's passed out' trick. Fair enough, but Dave wasn't getting married, he didn't have any mates and he wasn't drunk. He was just weird.

09/05/23 20:27:23, edited: 09/05/23 20:42:59

Karen McDonald Vote score: 360Karen McDonald

You did! you said you would lie on the sofa naked and let me tape you.

09/05/23 20:18:48

Phil Swan Vote score: 829Phil Swan

A motionless street entertainer WFH

09/05/23 20:16:12

M Clarkie Vote score: 655M Clarkie

She had a safe word but could not speak.

09/05/23 20:03:27

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 7670Scrijjy Doo

Good luck finding the starting edge.

09/05/23 20:01:32, edited: 09/05/23 21:40:07

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