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John Harrison Vote score: 5096John Harrison

Dave's wife was just relieved she hadn't gone away for the full week.

05/11/22 8:00:42

John Harrison Vote score: 5096John Harrison

Therapy sessions to cure Dave's OCD had gone much better than expected

05/11/22 8:51:34

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29661Dave Bryan

''Don't take offence, Nigella, but I think it would be better if we used the studio kitchen.''

05/11/22 8:20:58, edited: 05/11/22 8:44:43

Ian Skelding Vote score: 32003Ian Skelding

“Your work just gets better and better Miss Emin.”
“My work? ……… oh yeah, right, thanks.”

05/11/22 8:10:55

Ellen Duncalf Vote score: 1410Ellen Duncalf

"Just a reminder Mum's calling round today love."

"Oh right, I suppose I'll have to flick the duster round."

05/11/22 8:00:18

Nigel Marshall Vote score: 1883Nigel Marshall

That’s Gross-man

05/11/22 8:40:44

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 3497Karen Oakenfull

You know that feeling when you just don’t know where to start so you don’t? Well I’ve had that feeling for the last 4 years.

05/11/22 8:40:15

Nigel Marshall Vote score: 1883Nigel Marshall

Hells kitchen

05/11/22 8:34:06

Lawrence Day Vote score: 596Lawrence Day

Dave and Cat and Rimmer , had a birthday present for Kryten.

05/11/22 9:27:35, edited: 05/11/22 15:50:44

David  Michael Vote score: 1051David Michael

Honey, dinner's ready, I just have to find it!

05/11/22 8:53:34

Craig Eddsenior Vote score: 2401Craig Eddsenior

"And why is there a table lamp on the cooker, Philip?"
"Ermmm that was a button mushroom in 1974"

05/11/22 8:26:50

Molly R Vote score: 4221Molly R

Liz Truss's new job is in kitchen design.

05/11/22 8:00:27

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