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Chris Keegan Vote score: 14159Chris Keegan

WARNING ⚠️ Look out for Crocs

19/10/22 7:02:42

John Harrison Vote score: 5120John Harrison

It was a simple system. If there was a pair left, they'd start dredging the pool.

19/10/22 8:42:15

Nigel Marshall Vote score: 1883Nigel Marshall

How’s bigs your pool mate?
.. 56 foot

19/10/22 7:01:22

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12517Hercules Rockefeller

Apparently, the Rapture can occur when you least expect it.

19/10/22 7:01:17

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29691Dave Bryan

Imelda Marcos decides to go for a swim.

19/10/22 7:16:21, edited: 19/10/22 7:20:05

John Llamas Vote score: 20527John Llamas

This was taken shortly before one from each pair was stolen, leaving the children hopping mad.

19/10/22 7:13:01, edited: 19/10/22 7:22:20

James Lennox Vote score: 16286James Lennox

"So, how was your your first day as a pool-boy, Dave?"

"Ok, but tomorrow I'll probably use chlorine instead of sulfuric acid."

19/10/22 7:04:39, edited: 19/10/22 7:27:46

Ethy Vote score: 2722Ethy

Somewhere in that pool there’s a child with three feet

19/10/22 7:04:20

vincent hefter Vote score: 1400vincent hefter

A Quick Double Take...
------------ o ------------
I hope he's feeling guilty
(I'm sure he'll blame the booze)
But the guy who took the photo
Then also took the shoes.
------------ o ------------
...9 out of 10 shoes holiday at Sandals resorts. Who knew!

19/10/22 7:00:45

Paul Gledhill Vote score: 1732Paul Gledhill

I actually went to this pool party. I threw all the flip flops into the water - it was quite a sandal.

19/10/22 7:01:11

Nigel Marshall Vote score: 1883Nigel Marshall

Water feeture

19/10/22 7:00:34

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18251Dan Nicholls

Good morning all, and welcome to invisible synchronised swimming.

19/10/22 7:06:36

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