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Al Overy Vote score: 15230Al Overy

"My name's Nicholas and I'm an alcoho-ho-holic."

18/10/22 7:01:46

Al Overy Vote score: 15230Al Overy

"Coca cola's in the next aisle, mate!"

18/10/22 7:00:53

brian davies Vote score: 296brian davies

Only 68 days or two more Prime Ministers to Xmas

18/10/22 8:48:05

Glad You Remember Vote score: 2581Glad You Remember

"Time to treat myself after a tough old year. What goes well with reindeer meat?"

18/10/22 12:22:43

Mark Cowling Vote score: 3057Mark Cowling

"Ol' Santa is going to get good and blitzened."

18/10/22 8:55:30, edited: 18/10/22 9:00:36

John Harrison Vote score: 2288John Harrison

"It's not for me. Rudolph's nose doesn't stay red all on its own."

18/10/22 8:08:03

Ian Skelding Vote score: 30643Ian Skelding

Jolly old Saint Hic

18/10/22 7:01:25

Ian Skelding Vote score: 30643Ian Skelding

Santa had to do something, Rudolph’s nose was looking very pale.

18/10/22 7:00:14

Paul Gledhill Vote score: 934Paul Gledhill

For people in some occupations, midsummer nights can be very depressing.

18/10/22 7:00:14

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14143Neil Mackenzie

Mrs Claus had come down with Covid and Santa had to do his own Christmas shopping. Every child is getting a bottle this year.

18/10/22 7:31:18

Alison Nuorto Vote score: 113Alison Nuorto

Times are so tough, Santa has to buy his own Sherry.

18/10/22 20:08:44

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 6316Lucky Elperro

Russell Brand admits he does not always want to be recognised in public.

18/10/22 12:58:01

Glad You Remember Vote score: 2581Glad You Remember

I see 'e totally ignores the elf concerns.

18/10/22 12:24:18

Lawrence Day Vote score: 596Lawrence Day

Its a claus in my contract,i can buy one bottle a year

18/10/22 8:49:57

"You can't fool me. There ain't no sanity clause." --Mark Cowling
John Llamas Vote score: 20528John Llamas

Santa had a helper coming over for dinner and with the help of a little rum, he was hoping he might get to empty his sack.

18/10/22 8:11:12

Dave Bryan Vote score: 25404Dave Bryan

''Don't be so judgemental. After a day in the store grotto with those bloody kids, you'd need a drink.''

18/10/22 7:30:59, edited: 18/10/22 7:53:59

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 11133Hercules Rockefeller

"Ah, finally. I'm so sick of milk & cookies."

18/10/22 7:04:57

Kate B Vote score: 3527Kate B

Santa was getting in the Christmas spirit before bracing himself for the world tour

18/10/22 7:00:17

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