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James Lennox Vote score: 16340James Lennox

Some people shouldn't be allowed to raise children.

16/09/22 11:00:35

Usually, they're called parents.  --Glyn Evans
Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 20980Vanessa the Guesser

Surely it would be easier to tumble dry them?

16/09/22 11:12:10

Greg Curtis Vote score: 8891Greg Curtis

“Now, ONE-MORE-TIME: ...Who’s your favorite parent?”

16/09/22 17:54:53, edited: 16/09/22 18:26:52

Dave E Vote score: 927Dave E

"I need some fags! One of you must have some loose change!"

16/09/22 12:33:28

brian davies Vote score: 671brian davies

Shall we play "LEGO"?

16/09/22 11:16:06

Vivvy En Vote score: 13057Vivvy En

"...and now, kids, I'm going to teach you about gravity."

16/09/22 13:18:44

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38515Tony Edwards

Dad has his own ideas of how to give us a leg-up in life.

16/09/22 11:28:45

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12529Hercules Rockefeller

Nobody beats Uncle Dave when it comes to Hide 'N Seek.

16/09/22 11:02:48

Willie Johnson Vote score: 4279Willie Johnson

"And now kids, we're going to play helicopter."

16/09/22 21:58:58

Scarlet Witch Vote score: 25Scarlet Witch

As per usual, Dave was showing off his trophy kids.

16/09/22 16:12:40

Tony S Vote score: 8210Tony S

Hunting season starts and he has already bagged himself a couple of heirs.

16/09/22 11:17:06

Gassy Statten Vote score: 393Gassy Statten

"I said it's a throwaway generation...not throw away a generation!!"

16/09/22 11:10:14

Gassy Statten Vote score: 393Gassy Statten

Doing the Highlad Fling!

16/09/22 11:03:38

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35235Stephen Bean

"My father helped me become a normal well adjusted adult. Perhaps that's why I joined"

Anon, commenter on captions since 2005

16/09/22 11:01:27

Yes, who is your father? - He's got a lot to answer for. You are his child after all. I always blame the parents. I only say this because some parents get territorial over their children and say they'd die for them. I'd like to see ... --Glyn Evans
Ellen Duncalf Vote score: 1410Ellen Duncalf

Promised the wife that I would address my work-family balance

16/09/22 11:00:16

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35235Stephen Bean

"I'm just hanging out with the kids."

16/09/22 11:00:14

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