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您通常会有一个装配图和零件清单与该单元。花几分钟检查所有零件和固定装置是否存在且正确。没有什么比在整个过程中发现一两个螺丝丢失更糟糕的了。包装中还应包含一些组装工具所需的工具,例如内六角钥匙或星形钥匙(完成后,将工具放在安全的地方)。  将所有固定件和小部件放在一侧或容器中(如塑料特百惠盒),以免它们“丢失”。  在开始组装设备之前,请检查所有部件以确保它们处于良好状态,因为它们有时会在存储和交付过程中受到撞击。如果有任何作品被标记,则由您决定在退回该作品
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Chris Keegan Vote score: 12533Chris Keegan





13/07/22 11:02:16

nah I even googled translated this. And it's ACTUALLY instructions haha. --Hamish Michaels
Kate Bailey Vote score: 1959Kate Bailey

It says, “Can be assembled by a 5 year old child.” Can you pop out and find me one?

13/07/22 11:03:38

Al Overy Vote score: 14026Al Overy

"The cabinet's in bits despite all the tools... anyway, enough news headlines, let's make this flat pack."

13/07/22 11:00:08

Tony Edwards Vote score: 36421Tony Edwards

Wardrobe malfunction

13/07/22 11:46:37

Generic RedHead Vote score: 985Generic RedHead

"Not now, we've got to finish this first"

13/07/22 17:32:23

Mr Dome  Vote score: 14656Mr Dome

I don't care, we can still have sex without a bed

13/07/22 12:27:16

Dave Bryan Vote score: 23421Dave Bryan

''Are they the instructions?''

''No, the divorce papers.''

13/07/22 11:10:14

Kate Bailey Vote score: 1959Kate Bailey

Annie whipped out the ‘Easy instructions’ with the additional ‘Handy swear words’ booklet.

13/07/22 11:05:55

Ryan F Vote score: 289Ryan F

You said if I stayed home from work today, we'd get to do plenty of banging.

13/07/22 18:34:47

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 7219Karyn Harrison


"I'll get my laptop."

13/07/22 11:42:57

Generic RedHead Vote score: 985Generic RedHead

"need a screw?
"not right now"

13/07/22 17:33:45

Kate Bailey Vote score: 1959Kate Bailey

Susan couldn’t work out how to assemble her drawers, then suddenly it all fitted together.

13/07/22 11:05:11

Tony S Vote score: 6105Tony S

"When you said your friend had a big chest with easy access draws to get into I didn't expect to be doing DIY."

13/07/22 11:05:06

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 18809Vanessa the Guesser

Tina's always got her drawers hanging out.

13/07/22 11:04:12

Kate Bailey Vote score: 1959Kate Bailey

Fred and Gabrielle spent 6 hours assembling their IKEA furniture and only threatened to break up twice. True love.

13/07/22 11:04:09

Dave Bryan Vote score: 23421Dave Bryan

''I wouldn't mind but I only went in for some candles.''

13/07/22 11:02:24

tony kelly Vote score: 1516tony kelly

''Dunno about you, but I'm totally floored!''

13/07/22 11:01:32

Dave Bryan Vote score: 23421Dave Bryan

''I've got a great idea for a caption, darling.''

''Forget it. On the evidence of the last two hours, you'll never put it together.''

13/07/22 11:01:22

Tony S Vote score: 6105Tony S

Cupboard love.

13/07/22 11:00:52

Tiny Alien Vote score: 609Tiny Alien

No ikea!

13/07/22 11:00:13

Stephen Bean Vote score: 26884Stephen Bean

"I don't know about you, but I've no Ikea what to do next."

13/07/22 11:00:06

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