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Al Overy Vote score: 14026Al Overy


05/07/22 7:00:09

Unfortunately, the morning 'feed me' call comes around 6.30 am. --Dave Bryan
Chris Keegan Vote score: 12533Chris Keegan

Curtain Call

05/07/22 8:48:51

Ian Skelding Vote score: 29410Ian Skelding

Puss in Booths

05/07/22 7:39:43

Puss in booths would get my vote :) --Hamish Michaels
Dave Bryan Vote score: 23422Dave Bryan

''Would you like some milk, Tom?''

''I'd prefer virgin's blood, if you've got any.''

05/07/22 7:19:32

Tony Edwards Vote score: 36422Tony Edwards

The cat that's got the scream.

05/07/22 9:19:48

Al Overy Vote score: 14026Al Overy

"Hmmm, yes. As I thought, it's tomsillitis."

05/07/22 7:00:29

Kate Bailey Vote score: 1959Kate Bailey

And then he put this red jumper on me….. so I ate his steak!

05/07/22 7:04:00

Glyn Evans Vote score: 10342Glyn Evans

"You not has Cheezeburgerz!? Why you not has Cheezeburgerz!?"

05/07/22 10:42:45

Vivvy En Vote score: 10669Vivvy En

"You need a scale and polish...and have you considered using a breath freshener?"

05/07/22 7:12:05

Dave Bryan Vote score: 23422Dave Bryan

''Tom has his own little ways of telling me when he's hungry.''

05/07/22 7:05:37

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