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Village of the Rammed
Village of the Rammed photo | portfolio
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Mr Dome  Vote score: 14037Mr Dome

Village of the Rammed

28/05/22 12:43:28

John  Glover Vote score: 22567John Glover

A serious hold up at the abbatoir, gave them all time to reflect.

28/05/22 14:52:21

What would you call 'a while ago' - 1958? --Mr Dome
Chris Keegan Vote score: 12052Chris Keegan

'And tonight's winner of Stars In Their Eyes is.......'

28/05/22 13:02:16

Dave Bryan Vote score: 21424Dave Bryan

Where's Woolly?

28/05/22 12:00:37

Molly R Vote score: 3581Molly R

What really creeps me out is the one with only one eye.

28/05/22 17:54:30

Al Overy Vote score: 12552Al Overy

🎵 Let meeeee entertain ewe! 🎵


28/05/22 16:04:57

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4658Mark Wilson

"Flight Delta 114, pull up, pull up. Those aren't the runway lights"

28/05/22 12:26:47

Dave Bryan Vote score: 21424Dave Bryan

''The sheep must be kept behind the barrier and not let on to the caption site.''


''They've been baa'd from voting.''

28/05/22 12:06:40

Glyn Evans Vote score: 9836Glyn Evans

"I hate this stereotype that the Welsh shag sheep. That's why I moved to New Zealand. It's far more relaxing. When the night draws in, I can shag as many sheep as I want without the stigma"

28/05/22 12:06:17

Stephen Bean Vote score: 23884Stephen Bean

"....567, 568, 569. No, still not feeling sleepy."

28/05/22 12:00:06

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4658Mark Wilson

"Finally, taken hours to herd up, open the gate"

"Hmmm, looks like the gate opens outwards, Dave"

28/05/22 13:20:26

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 17897Vanessa the Guesser

"Do ewe come here often?"

28/05/22 12:02:21

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 7178Karyn Harrison

🎵 The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

28/05/22 12:01:39

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