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Auf Wiedersehen Pet
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Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 18819Vanessa the Guesser

Auf Wiedersehen Pet

01/05/22 19:32:10

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 6097Scrijjy Doo

Welcome Mutt

01/05/22 19:03:27

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 2778Karen Oakenfull

“Hello?…Don’t just stand there on the doorstep…Go Away!”

01/05/22 21:00:58

Vivvy En Vote score: 10715Vivvy En

We called him Larry Grayson

01/05/22 19:45:40

Tony Edwards Vote score: 36448Tony Edwards


01/05/22 19:37:24

Stephen Bean Vote score: 27038Stephen Bean

You know you've been spending too long on when your dog asks you to leave home.

01/05/22 22:37:09

Dot Old Vote score: 2011Dot Old

Pet at Home

01/05/22 19:10:48

Vivvy En Vote score: 10715Vivvy En

Leave me a bone

01/05/22 19:05:52

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