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"Play louder I can still hear them trying to make another baby."
"Play louder I can still hear them trying to make another baby." photo | portfolio
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"Play louder I can still hear them trying to make another baby."

Sun 20:28:59


Jimmy finds a bit of Shostakovich helps make the pain of 100 sit-ups a little easier to bear.

Mon 1:19:48


The devil went down to Gloucester.

Sun 20:05:38


"I'd like to report a case of domestic violins."

Sun 20:00:42


A-major Nuisance

Mon 1:49:28


“Honey, there’s something wrong with that Violin I bought Susan on Friday, she’s been practising all weekend and she still can’t play it.”

Sun 20:08:15


“Can you play solo? How about so low I can’t hear you?”

Mon 0:39:21


“Winding up your brother, Grade 5.”

Sun 20:22:17


"You promised me after Uncle Barry left I wouldn't have to put up with any more fiddling."

Sun 20:14:21


''When they said I could have a bike for my birthday I should have known there would be strings attached.''

Sun 20:18:13


“What did you expect scraping horse hair across cat gut to sound like?”

Sun 20:00:15

Like every day in my neighbor Dave's household? Nah, that would be more like a revving engine, accompanied by the smell of unburned fuel. --Willie Johnson

...she pulled the bow across the strings and it made an evil hiss.

...then a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.


Screw the caption.
You've got that song playing in your head now don't you?


Mon 1:25:24


"I swear, I'll eat my broccoli!"

Mon 1:21:14


When she plays it's very moving - I feel like I need to leave the country

Sun 23:05:12


Fiddling Rivalry

Sun 20:14:35


"Come on Johnny, let's get to the doctors and get that boil lanced."

"Suzie, stop teasing your brother. He feels bad enough without you playing funeral songs."

Sun 20:04:10


The Upsilon Covid variant of 2023 was the easiest to diagnose so far.

Sun 20:03:08


"If I hear Twinkle Twinkle one more time I'M GOING TO FREAKING LOSE IT!"

Sun 20:02:02


"I know, son, I've told her not to play along to James Blunt songs."

Sun 20:01:40


"Listen, I'm fed up of your 'I fell over at nursery' and 'the school bully stole my lunch money', son, so every time you start another sob story, your sister's gonna get the violin out, OK?"

Sun 20:00:51


"I know WE don't like the noise but it's the only thing that gets your pet sea slug to sleep!"

Sun 20:00:13


I shouldn't have to put up with a child sitter like her

new entryTue 20:06:00


Mum can I go to Grandmas house?
Yes if you go with your Sister.
If she goes can I stay here?

Mon 7:30:08


“Early traumas continued, forever shaping Anonymous.”

Mon 1:30:21


...and this was the day that little Billy began learning about the Geneva accords.

Mon 1:23:35



“What, I can’t here you: My ears are covered.”

Mon 1:13:40


“Daniel’s tantrums were linked to early violins.”

Mon 0:47:56


“Since the lessons, she’s playing like she’s NEVER PLAYED BEFORE—Literally, like she’s never played before.”

Mon 0:18:35


Oh for goodness sake, why can't her hobby be ballet?

Sun 21:42:47


She hasn't started playing yet.

Sun 21:38:08


"I'm not very good at playing this"

"No. Shit. Sherlock."

Sun 21:19:23


And when the music played Colin the caterpillar would dance

Sun 21:17:17


"Please quit yelling at her to stop."

Sun 20:55:42



Sun 20:53:09


"David, I know you don't like the sound of the violin but that's no excuse for taking mummy's toys from under the bed."

Sun 20:43:50


Instrument of deaf

Sun 20:41:38

Or instrument of wish-you-were-deaf. --Willie Johnson

Can your day getting any worse when your sister won't stop playing the violin and then your mum buys you a pair of earrings that look like Shrek's bollocks?

Sun 20:26:35


"The neighbours thought I was so good I sounded like an adult playing . They said they thought mum and dad were on the fiddle."

Sun 20:23:45


"Ok, yes, I'll concede that she can play a full concerto at age 8, but she lacks the nuance and passion of Menuhin!"

Sun 20:14:40


If I told you she's getting better, I'd be a lyre.

Sun 20:03:01


Vanessa Mae sound better in future.

Sun 20:01:07


"Darling, I was so impressed with what I saw earlier that I've asked the whole family over to watch you. Go on, don't be shy...........WOW, I told you didn't I, guys? How good is that impression of a Turkey?"

Sun 20:00:22

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