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new entry8:50:08


Trump and Boris have both been awarded honorary degrees.

new entry8:27:18


That’s not to be sniffed at.

new entry8:03:09


Rear of the Year

new entry8:05:24


...and finally, bottom of the class

new entry8:00:11


It’s rigged another Kardashian wins.

new entry10:37:32


Jenny had been studying for donkey's years.

new entry8:58:03


Bryan Adams follow up to Bummer of '69 wasn't as popular.

new entry8:47:22


She went on to have a successful carear.

new entry8:45:14

As an analyst --Mr Dome

“We now present a special award for his poem ‘Ogres are like onions’….”

new entry8:26:44


Ok it's a mistake no need to get so anal about it.

new entry8:23:30

What's the big deal, anal lot you can do about it. --Willie Johnson

“She’ll go fart.”

new entry8:23:11


"You've eaten the most deep fried Mars Bars, smoked the most fags and drunk the most Tennant's Super! You thoroughly deserve Glasgow University's Lass of 1986!"

new entry8:21:42

What's a few seconds more or lass. --Willie Johnson

"I... I can't believe it! Three years ago I was just a useless bum!"

new entry8:00:24


She graduated with a turd.

new entry8:00:10

She graduated turd in her ass? --Willie Johnson

Fanny was also voted Most Likely to Suck Seed.

new entry11:25:06


Biden claimed he won Ass of the year when he actually came bottom of the class.

new entry10:57:52


“I still display mine in the window of my dental practice.”

new entry10:23:51


"Congratulations on gaining a first class honours degree in asstronomy."

new entry10:22:15


Apparently she came bottom that year.

new entry9:51:00


It was quite a bray.

new entry9:04:31


“Ahem….ahem.. *cough*…ahem..”
Mr Jenkins just wants to get on with the Bingo before the brass band majorettes thunder past.

new entry9:04:08


She must have been a very distinguished ass to be chosen out of 1,986.

new entry8:55:30


Bachelor of Farts

new entry8:51:03


Many congratulations. I knew you would win this award Mr Bellendowich.”

new entry8:51:02


And Claudia Smith's rotating butt plug gets the Technology Award for Best in Ass

new entry8:45:51


And fittingly, when she gave a speech, she spoke out of her arse.

new entry8:43:29


''You must contine to work hard, if you want to succeed. Don't make the mistake of sitting on your success.''

new entry8:40:58


"For Christ's sake, Dave, get off the stage and stop making an ass of 1986."

new entry8:38:08


She was latter expelled when she was going to make her speech but felt a little horse.

new entry8:28:17


“Keep your head up.”

new entry8:25:11


"Now that was a blast from the past."

new entry8:21:34



"Eeh by Gum, I tell ya, am bloody proud of our Tracey winning 'Lass of 1986'. I knew she'd be reyt in te end. She wor worried but I said don't be a daft apeth...ERE BUGGERLUGS, Aye you wit glasses on, ger out way am tryna get picture."

new entry8:21:07


“Your hole life is ahead of you.”

new entry8:17:07


"It should say SAS but no one's willing to point out the mistake"

new entry8:12:35


“You twerked so hard for this…”

new entry8:10:20


''Congratulations, Jane, your ass has been voted the most shapely in the faculty.''

''You don't think it looks big in this?''

''That's a shame. You've just failed your captioneering degree.''

new entry8:08:58


"Here's your dipooma."

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new entry8:04:41


"Congratulations, Karen, you've earned this Master of Farts degree."

new entry8:03:05


Thanks for having a crack

new entry8:01:46


She who derrières wins

new entry8:00:51


It was worth doing all that donkey work.

new entry8:00:29

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