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Stephen Bean Vote score: 29791Stephen Bean

"What do you think of my drawing?"

"Well Dave, you do seem to have captured the essence of her smile."

04/12/21 12:00:14

Glad You Remember Vote score: 2600Glad You Remember

Mona Lesser

04/12/21 12:04:36

Mona Least-a? --Willie Johnson
Glad You Remember Vote score: 2600Glad You Remember

"I'm not bothering with the nose, it's too tricky"

04/12/21 12:02:34

Ian Skelding Vote score: 30709Ian Skelding

"I would stick to dirty beds Miss Emin."

04/12/21 12:00:24

Those beds would have to be very dirty if you would stick to them. --Willie Johnson
Tony S Vote score: 7115Tony S

Florence high school 1503.
"Ok Leonardo are you sure you did that last bit of homework or did you get help from someone else?"

04/12/21 12:40:15

Tony S Vote score: 7115Tony S

After failing to get a vote for weeks , I decided to give up caption writing in the summer and take up art instead .... its good to be back.

04/12/21 12:30:33

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 7219Karyn Harrison

Badly Drawn Girl

04/12/21 12:03:42

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19571Vanessa the Guesser

"She's no oil painting."

04/12/21 12:16:34

She's an audience. --Willie Johnson
Troompa Loompa Vote score: 22453Troompa Loompa

The latest "masterpiece" by Leonardo....Di Caprio.

04/12/21 12:05:21

His artistic ability has really gone downhill since he drew that picture of Kate Winslet. --Karyn Harrison
Glad You Remember Vote score: 2600Glad You Remember

If Dan Brown had gone into drawing instead of writing

04/12/21 12:01:43

Greg Curtis Vote score: 8237Greg Curtis

"In our art class, you'll learn to draw like you've never drawn before."

04/12/21 13:01:56

Mr Dome  Vote score: 15379Mr Dome

Unfortunately, due to a typo, the college's fine painting class was taught by someone who was autustic

04/12/21 12:59:15

The Wolf Vote score: 17945The Wolf

"I thought you said you were good at forgery. We can't steal it and replace it with that."

04/12/21 12:07:37

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